3 Day Gremlin Training Bootcamp

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course overview

Get 3 packed days of graph training to fit your team! Graph bootcamp is a great way to broaden your individual skills or kick start graph knowledge within your team.

As part of the bootcamp, students will build out a REST API using Expero’s bootstrapping tools and the graph database knowledge they learn throughout the course.



Day 1 - Introduction / Data Modeling / Data Loading

Session 1 - Introduction / Orientation

• Who is Expero and what do we do?
• What are Graph Databases? - overview of technology, establish nomenclature
• Survey of Graph Database Engines / Landscape

Session 2 - Install / Configuration

• Install and configure own instances
• Common installation options
• Tuning parameters

Session 3 - Data Modeling

• Basics of graph data modeling
• Common patterns and key decision points
• Denormalization options and when to use them

Session 4 - Graph Application Development Fundamentals

• Overview of drivers and driver options
• Expero Toolkits and other helpful frameworks


• Students build-out graph database instances with supporting frameworks
• First pass at data model

Day 2 - Intro to the TinkerPop Gremlin Traversal Language

Session 1 - Basic Traversals

• Finding, Traversing & Filtering

Session 2 - Mutating the Graph

• Adding, Changing, Deleting

Session 3 - Simple Transformation

• Projections, Grouping, Ordering, Aggregations

Session 4 - Data Loading

• Batch-based data loading
• From flat files: CSV, JSON
• From existing data sources: relational databases
• Stream-based data loading
• Events: from a Kafka bus or other event-based system
• Entity CDC: from a Change-Data-Capture (CDC) source


• Draft primary traversals
• Review/revise data model
• Load data, test queries

Day 3 - Intermediate Gremlin Topics, Practicum

Session 1 - Intermediate Gremlin Topics

• Intermediate-level projections
• Additional Elements: Indexes, Paths, Metaproperties
• Declarative traversals with the match() step
• Traversal Strategies

Session 2 - Performance

• The USE Method
• Gremlin’s profile() and explain() steps

Session 3 - Introduction to Graph Analytics

• Common graph analytic algorithms


• Performance evaluation of traversals
• Final evaluation of REST API

intended audience

Attendees should be seasoned technologists with exposure to common relational database technologies and distributed system principles as well as common coding and scripting paradigms.

Attendees must have:

  • A laptop with wifi capabilities
  • git or unzip software (The GitHub repo can be cloned with git or downloaded as zip file).
    • Docker
  • ~300 MB free disk space for the Docker image
  • ~100 MB available RAM for the Docker container

customizable highlights

Free Tshirt

Please Email the Event Coordinator if you have any questions about this event - Ashley Hill at ashley.hill@experoinc.com