Home Insurance demo

This demo shows how the combined use of AI, data analytics, and visual workflows enables insurance companies to efficiently manage and adjudicate claims, ultimately leading to better decision-making and fraud prevention.

How AI, Graph and TimeSeries Data can Uncover Automotive Insurance Fraud

Using advanced technology, including our Connected software platform and our AI Assisted analytics agent, Jetpack, Insurance companies can fight home insurance claim fraud more efficiently.

Insurance companies need quick and efficient assessments of claims to differentiate between genuine and potentially fraudulent ones. This video demonstrates how Expero's cutting-edge technology, aids in this process by providing geographic analysis, fraud detection algorithms, and workflow integration.

Learn how to identify potentially fraudulent claims faster and more accurately by analyzing various data points such as claim history, weather patterns, and geographic location. Our technology helps claims managers in filtering out suspicious claims, streamlining the process, and making informed decisions.

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