Modernize Your Finance Desktop: Building Cutting-Edge Apps with FDC3 & OpenFin

Wealth management advisors, back office analysts, traders, and asset managers all have one thing in common: a profoundly disjoint desktop experience, with users reporting using 50 or more applications to get their work done, none of which talk to each other. Increasingly, vendors and market participants are looking to FDC3 and ecosystems like OpenFin to make their applications interoperable, and stop paying this “swivel chair” tax. Watch our webinar to learn the latest tech to bolster productivity and your finance desktop experience.

Building Modern Applications in the FDC3 OpenFin Ecosystem

Every month new vendors announce FDC3 compliance: from Factset to S&P to BMO to Dow Jones and more, modernization of finance desktops in wealth management, capital markets and compliance is only accelerating. As a certified OpenFin Certified Development Partner since 2016, Expero has been designing and building innovative solutions in the OpenFin ecosystem. Join us in this first of several conversations to learn about how to best build your OpenFin experience. Expero innovation engineers will share our bumps and bruises, and the tools we use to make projects successful. 

Key Focus Areas
  • Unlocking productive experiences with OpenFin Workspace & FDC3 
  • Effective engineering for performance & extensibility
  • Managing finance desktop projects
  • Powerful things FDC3 applications can do that web applications can’t
  • Build vs Buy in the OpenFin ecosystem
  • What’s Coming Next: cloud interoperability, mobile applications, FDC3 web applications, and Generative AI

What You’ll Learn
  • Saving money and getting to market faster. By building composable finance applications you can modernize your experiences by taking advantage of what’s already been built and get to value faster.
  • Starting with User-centered UX Design. Giving users flexibility also means potentially creating confusing experiences; learn about common patterns to have the best of flexibility and usefulness.
  • Real World Examples. We’ll show some real world examples to seed your team with.
  • Project Management Tips. What kind of support do you need for success in a composable multi-vendor system?
  • Engineering Tips from the Trenches. Programming for FDC3 environments is web programming… plus a little more.

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