Turning AI Aspirations into Real Business Value

How are firms integrating AI and what are some real-world insights and examples of how they turned an idea into an impactful AI solution? Our esteemed panel of industry experts from Morningstar, Wayfair, Reuters and Expero will share perspectives from implementing AI across finance, media and e-commerce.

In this live webinar, we'll go beyond AI concepts to the actual experience of taking an idea from conception to reality — including challenges faced and proven strategies for successfully rolling out AI solutions.

Key Topics Include

  • Making the business case and getting leadership buy-in
  • Architecting for an agile AI technology stack
  • Ensuring compliant, responsible/ethical use of AI
  • Driving adoption and measuring ROI
  • Balancing build vs. buy decisions

What You'll Learn

Exploring Today's AI Landscape

A comprehensive walkthrough of existing AI capabilities and tools tailored for financial institutions as well as other industries.

The Rise of Large Language Models (LLMs)

How LLMs are redefining human-data interaction, facilitating efficient, intuitive data exploration and what are the implications for how firms manage their data enterprise.

Navigating the Pitfalls

From hallucinations to data leakage, we will explore the inherent issues associated with AI integration and the tactics to address these challenges.

Foundations for Success

What are the key elements and dependencies that underpin a successful AI implementation.

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