Advanced Analytics

Transform your decision-making with complex real-time analytics  

See the future and make intelligent decisions today to cut costs, drive revenue, and reduce risk. Expero’s expert teams understand how to combine performant algorithms and analytics to surface rich and contextual data at enterprise scale. Empower your expert users to make informed decisions that drive customer acquisition, prevent churn, and mitigate risk.

How we do it

Business-transforming analytics

Unlock the power of advanced analytics. Our experts, engineers and product teams know how to connect data and apply sophisticated analytics technologies to help you accelerate growth, cut costs, and drive revenues.

Project Management

Waterfall, Lean-Agile, design-led or a combination of methodologies, our cross-functional teams and engineering expertise are experienced in any scenario. We know how to get things done and hit the ground running.

Strategy & Roadmapping

Validated strategy and robust roadmaps delivered as standard. We design and build future-proofed advanced analytics solutions.

Enterprise Architecture

Our expert teams are adept at working in complex environments while managing enormous datasets. We know how to create enterprise grade analytics solutions built to last forever.

Data Visualization

Deeply skilled UX and design experts guarantee that whatever analytics solution we create together is not only beautiful, but useful and usable, too.

Graph Analytics

Leverage the exponential capabilities of graph database and build connected analytics platforms to revolutionize how you evaluate performance and define your business strategy.

AI Analytics

Build predictive and machine learning models to accelerate and enhance your insights radically. Leverage our AI-Assisted Analytics Model, Jetpack, to move even faster. Let our teams build you a platform to propel you into the future.

Technology Accelerators

Our bolt-on technology accelerators are designed to shortcut development times and rapidly get you the answers you need. 

Full-Stack Development

From database to UI, Expero’s data and software teams design solutions perfectly aligned to your business objectives. Our full-stack approach includes high-performance analytics solutions to inform and supercharge your business.

Case Study

Our work in Advanced Analytics

Safety and compliance platform designed to reduce human risk and save lives

One of the largest Oil and Gas companies in the world sought to reduce human risk, increase safety, and maximize refinery uptime.


UI and User Experience - Crafted bespoke and innovative designs based on refinery processes and safety protocols.

Technology Platform - Designed a new analytics and graph database platform to connect existing solutions and data sources.

Custom Software Development - Delivered a full suite of customized features and brought the product to market.

Graph Database using Expero’s Technology Accelerators - Leveraged our Connected platform and customized it with various data science methodologies.


Analytics to power future innovation

Connect and analyze your data to power decision-making and uncover opportunities. When designed and implemented effectively, advanced analytics can revolutionize your operations, give you an edge over the competition, and keep you ahead of potential financial crimes. Our experts are adept at understanding the metrics that will move your business forward and identifying the deep connections that will allow you to take action.

Reveal unseen insights and take action

Connect disparate datasets and use the latest analytical techniques to reveal answers hidden in the data. Our approach allows you to make more informed decisions and minimize risk.

Make the right decisions for improved outcomes

Use predictive and ‘What If?’ analytics with scenario planning to scrutinize the results of your decisions thoroughly. We ensure you always make the best choice for you and your business.

Unify data into understandable and shared views

Fully configurable and composable dashboards help to unify datasets and data streams into easily understandable views. Let your expert users take control of the data to find the best path forward.

Move faster, grow market share, and mitigate risk

Make analytics a business enabler to steal market share from your competition and mitigate risk. Supercharge your data and make your analytics platform a game-changing solution for your business.

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Our Process

How we build advanced analytics platforms with you

Our expert teams know how to deliver rich, contextual, and easily understood analytics platforms to drive business outcomes. We deploy tried and tested standard operating procedures and cross-functional teams with a design-first approach. Expero crafts usable and useful advanced analytics products to help you analyze your operation and make informed decisions.

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We conduct deep research and validation to ensure we understand your challenges and identify precisely what analytics you need and how it can help you achieve your business goals.

Solve for Complexity Icon

Solve for Complexity

Ideas are turned into concepts and road maps to zero in on the right path forward and to tackle complexity early.

UX & Design Icon

UX Design

What good is a beautiful product if your users don’t use it? Our UX teams rigorously market-test ideas and innovation to guarantee an advanced analytics platform that’s both useful and usable.

Software Innovation Icon

Software Innovation

From product selection to bolt-on software accelerators and everything in between, we'll create the foundation for a market-leading analytics engine primed to scale.

Custom Software Development Icon

Software Development

Focused on delivery and implementation, our teams will execute an analytics platform that propels your business forward and that end-users can't get enough of.

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Once launched, we'll set you up for ongoing success with a custom-tailored training and onboarding plan. Complete with support and maintenance, we keep you operating at full speed.

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Our Insights

Learn more about our work

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What will we build together?

Let’s craft innovative, market-leading software to accelerate your business. Our software and data engineering teams are ready to solve your complex problems and help you grow.