Financial Crimes Solutions for Tier 2 Banks

This webinar discusses the challenges faced by mid-sized banks (Tier-2) in complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. It highlights how new, turnkey Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can help these banks fight fraud while reducing unnecessary investigations (false positives).

Stop Fraud, Slash False Positives: The Future of AML for Tier-2 Banks 

The BSA/AML Act specifies that all banks and institutions must perform the adequate processes to prevent AML, including Tier 2 banks and institutions.  This burden is indeed cumbersome, especially for Tier 2 banks, but new turnkey ML & AI technology offers the ability for smaller firms to solve a set of requirements without spending all of the firm's profits. 

In this webinar, we'll discuss the challenges facing Tier 2 banks. Imagine a perfect storm: limited staff for special investigations, a surge in complex government regulations with hefty fines, and fraudsters constantly upping their game. These criminals exploit weaknesses in banks' siloed approach, where cyber, credit card, and AML investigations operate independently. 

ACAMS indicates that most organizations are hampered by their siloed and scattered legacy systems and making real-time detection, prevention, and leveraging advanced technologies like Machine Learning and AI extremely difficult. The ideal solution unlocks the different teams interaction to create a "Fusion Center" – a collaborative environment where Cyber, AML, Crypto, and Fraud teams work together

This webinar will explore solutions to navigate this "perfect storm" and create a more efficient, effective fraud prevention strategy. Tired of custom-built solutions that take forever to implement? Join our Expero experts as they unveil a game-changing new turnkey fraud prevention platform. Our platform is pre-built with configurable technology, allowing you to: Slash false positives and boost accuracy; unify your teams; and maximize productivity. 

What You'll Learn

Fusion Investigation Teams: Friend or Foe?

We'll delve into the advantages and challenges of centralizing investigation teams for Cyber, AML, Crypto, and Fraud.

2024 Fraud Landscape:

Discover emerging threat vectors like money mules, ponzi schemes, beneficial ownership and their impact on audits & compliance, and what to expect in the coming year.

Tech Powerhouse for Fraud Prevention:

Explore how cutting-edge technologies like Graph analytics, AI/ML (supervised & unsupervised), and advanced KYC master data matching are dramatically reducing false positives, boosting accuracy, and fueling groundbreaking investigations.

Outsmarting New Threats:

Learn how AML, Cyber, Crypto, and Fraud professionals are developing solutions to address evolving threats and compliance requirements by leveraging technology. We'll also discuss process trends for banks and institutions as they prepare.

Empowering Your Team:

Discover how to improve collaboration, accelerate root cause analysis for SARs and case management, and boost overall throughput. We'll cover visualization tools, human-centric processes, and the value of human intelligence, leading to faster and more efficient outcomes for Fraud Management, Investigators, Data, and Analytics teams.

Explainable AI - The Future of Fraud Detection:

Explore practical applications and methods for using Explainable ML to identify fraud, manage complex dependencies, and handle cases with a "human-in-the-loop" approach – all to achieve higher accuracy and streamlined processes.

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