Unify and Conquer: Combating Cybercrime with Next-Gen AI and Analytics

Cybercrime is constantly evolving, and traditional detection methods are struggling to keep pace. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to unify your defenses and empower your team to combat these ever-growing threats.

MGM Resorts recently disclosed that a recent cyberattack incurred a $100 million cost to the company* and facilitated the theft of customers' personal information (*Siddiqui, 2023). The hospitality and entertainment giant revealed a cybersecurity issue that affected its main website, online reservation systems, and in-casino services such as slot machines, credit card terminals, and ATMs. These events have intensified the focus on cyber attacks, leading to the emergence of more sophisticated cyber and ransomware-style attacks. These attacks, which combine cyber and malware-based strategies, result in billions of dollars in losses. Many software efforts concentrate on signaling and detection but prove inadequate against attacks that span multiple investigation silos. In today’s economy, all sectors—including Retail, Banking, Finance, Logistics, and others—are compelled to address the threat of cyber attacks such as Cyber, ID theft, Fraud, AML, and cyber investigation groups. The advent of new types of attacks, including spear phishing, flooding, and ID spoofing, underscores the need to break down internal firewalls between detection and investigational groups; failure to do so may lead to substantial losses against sophisticated attacks.

This session will explore how new technologies like GenAI, NVIDIA Morpheus, ML, TimeSeries, Geographic analytics, and Graph data science can collaborate with simple deep link visualization to enhance detection accuracy, reduce false positives, and increase transparency between silos, enabling real-time alerting to avoid sanctions and fines.

This event will focus on how Dell, Expero, and Kinetica software and hardware can significantly accelerate detection, prevention, and investigations. It is tailored for executives and special investigation teams across all sectors, with key topics presented in under 15 minutes to maximize insights. Throughout this webinar, experts from Expero and Kinetica will demonstrate how to leverage current technologies alongside Graph Data Science, NVIDIA Morpheus, Machine Learning, and Visualizations to unleash organizational potential.

Unique Challenges in Cyber Security

Discussion on the inherent difficulties of Cyber and connected fraud, despite numerous current technologies, and their impact on compliance. Also, how to identify real-time threats.

Technology Innovations

Understanding the utilization of new GenAI and ML/AI in real-time, and the power of combining GenAI with NVIDIA Morpheus, TimeSeries, Geographic analytics, ML algorithms, and Graph data science to reduce false positives and increase accuracy.

Empowerment of Cyber Investigators & Risk Teams

Exploration of visualization and human intelligence technologies to increase throughput, provide valuable data analytics, and achieve quicker and more efficient outcomes for Fraud Managers, Risk Investigators, and Data and Analytics teams.

Rise of GenAI, ML & AI with ‘Explainable’ ML

Practical implementation methods of GenAI for cyber identification, complex dependency, and case management using ‘human-in-the-loop’ technology for higher accuracy and streamlined processes.

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