2024 Trends in Financial Crimes: Navigating the Fight against Financial Crimes through Advanced Analytics and Software Innovation

This educational session will dissect the crucial learning points and engage in lively discussions led by industry experts from FTI Consulting and Expero.


- Scott Heath, VP Fraud & Analytics, Expero
- Conrad Boult, FLC, Data & Analytics, FTI Consulting
- Ozgur Vural, Senior Managing Director for Data & Analytics, Financial Services, FTI Consulting

Join our upcoming webinar as we delve into the evolving landscape of anti-money laundering (AML), cyber, and fraud in the wake of impending changes set for 2024. This educational session will dissect the crucial learning points and engage in lively discussions led by industry experts from FTI Consulting and Expero.

The 2024 horizon ushers in a wave of legislative adjustments and stringent fines pertaining to beneficial ownership, sanctions screenings, and the amalgamation of AML and Fraud investigation teams. Simultaneously, organizations face mounting pressures to optimize operations amidst investor demands for increased efficiency with limited resources. The incorporation of new technologies further complicates the scenario, necessitating a strategic evaluation of their optimal utilization.

This webinar will spotlight key learning opportunities across several pertinent themes. Participants will explore the merits of centralization versus decentralization of investigators and delve into the potential impacts of AI/ML on Model Validation and Government interactions. Furthermore, insights will be shared on integrating new technologies such as Machine Learning, Visualizations, and Graph technology trends, which promise to augment system accuracy and output. Crucially, a focus on incorporating the 'Human in the Loop' will be emphasized, offering strategies to stay ahead of potential gaps in anti-fraud solutions and government AML legislation.

The agenda of this live online event is meticulously designed to ensure a succinct yet insightful experience within 15-minute sessions. Our expert speakers will engage in a Q&A format, offering deep insights into how FTI Consulting and Expero can optimize business benefits within your organization.

Key Learning Topics:

  • Key Challenges in 2024: Evaluate the impact of process changes, emerging Fraud threat vectors, audit & compliance implications, and anticipated trends in the forthcoming year.
  • Technology Innovations: Explore the transformative potential of Graph analytics, AI/ML, advanced KYC master data matching in curbing false positives and enhancing accuracy for investigative purposes.
  • AML, Cyber, Crypto, and Fraud Outlooks: Gain insights into available resources, evolving strategies of anti-fraud practitioners, and technology-driven approaches adopted by institutions to align with 2024's demands.
  • Empower Investigators: Understand the role of visualization technology and human processes in amplifying throughput and intelligence, leading to more efficient outcomes across various roles within the realm of Fraud Management, Investigators, and Data and Analytics teams.
  • Rise of ML & AI with ‘Explainable’ ML: Implement practical methods of fraud identification, case management, and dependency analysis with human involvement, ensuring higher accuracy and streamlined processes.

What You'll Learn:

Session 1 (15 Min):

Engage in a round-table discussion focusing on AML for 2023, with insights into Federal, State, and Local audit & compliance areas, and practical strategies employed by AML practitioners.

Session 2 (15 Min):

Explore the pivotal role of AI & ML technologies in detecting, investigating, and preventing financial crimes, emphasizing the integration of human-in-the-loop for enhanced accuracy and streamlined processes.

Session 3 (15 Min):

Delve into the possibilities enabled by advanced visualization, new KYC methods, improved master data matching, graph analytics, and ML in reducing false positives and increasing precision.

Session 4 (10 Min):

An open Q&A session to address queries and foster further discussion.

Join us for this comprehensive webinar designed to equip you with invaluable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of AML, cyber, and fraud in the year ahead.

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