Financial Crimes

Reduce risk, stay compliant, and lower false positives with greater accuracy

Make it easier to spot the signal in the noise and stay focused on what matters. We design and build solutions to help you identify fraud faster and with greater efficiency so you can address activity in real time. 

Financial Crimes
The Challenge

Legacy technology and antiquated processes are not designed to tackle vast datasets and sophisticated attacks

Every year, fraudulent activity grows in complexity, severity, and frequency. Billions of dollars are lost, more is wasted, and organizations find themselves fighting unmitigated risks. Let your investigators actually investigate and tackle bad actors. Implement cutting-edge technology, predictive analytics, integrated systems, and accurate data to root out and identify fraud faster.

Key Use Cases

Financial Crimes - Sanctions & Trade Compliance

Sanctions & Trade Compliance

Financial Crimes - Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Financial Crimes - Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Financial Crimes - Transaction & Credit Card

Transaction & Credit Card

Financial Crimes - Cyber & Malware

Cyber & Malware

Financial Crimes - Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering

How we help

Innovation and engineering to prevent financial crime and simplify compliance

Our cross-functional teams and broad technical expertise make us adept at managing vast and sensitive datasets to level-up your financial crime and fraud prevention capabilities. Skilled at turning data into real-time insights and experienced in crafting cutting-edge innovation to fight financial crime, visualize everything in rich detail to stay compliant, detect, investigate, and prevent fraud. Whether you need a custom solution or a turn-key software accelerator, we’ll give you the tools to save money and accelerate time to market.


Find Patterns Faster

Easily visualize complex, fully-connected data to detect, flag, and mitigate fraud. Decrease false positives and identify high-risk patterns, fast.


Increase Accuracy & Efficiency

Single, centralized view of historical and real-time data to boost operational speed and efficiency. Identify and mitigate suspicious activity with ease.


Real-Time Analytics & Scenario Planning

Turn complex data into actionable insights and put your expert users in control. Use What If analytics to stay ahead of any potential fraudster.

Our impact

We save you time, money, and mitigate risk

Whether it’s an end-to-end solution, customized innovation, or transforming legacy infrastructure, Expero knows how to get the job done and build robust, secure solutions that get results.


Improvement in alert accuracy and higher accuracy in alert to quality case identification


Process improvement and caseload reduction with coordinated investigation teams


Improvement in false positive alert reduction for Fortune 500 Financial Services company

Financial Crimes

Innovating with market-leading partners 

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Financial Crimes

Tackle Fraud Faster

Our customizable Connected Financial Crimes Software solution bolts onto your existing infrastructure. It enables you to rapidly contextualize fully connected data into actionable insights to combat fraud, money laundering, data security violations, market abuse, corruption, and more. 

Our Connected solution empowers your investigation, risk, and financial crimes team to work faster, more accurately, and on the right information:


Aggregate your data and analyze it in real-time to quickly and efficiently spot high-risk activity and fraud.


Dive deep into historical activity and interrogate it thoroughly to understand relationships between entities, bad actors, and more.


Understand patterns and leading fraud indicators to build advanced and early-warning systems to stop fraud before it begins.

Entity ResolutionEntity Resolution

Entity Resolution



Work Flow ManagementWork Flow Management

Work Flow Management

Anomaly ManagementAnomaly Management

Anomaly Management



Scenario / What IfScenario / What If

Scenario / What If

ER/Data EnrichmentER/Data Enrichment

ER/Data Enrichment

KYC ScreeningKYC Screening

KYC Screening

Case ManagementCase Management

Case Management



Data ExplorerData Explorer

Data Explorer



insights gallery

Our thinking

Dive into our world and find out what we have to say about technology, UX, and software development.

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Insurance Claims Roundtable With TigerGraph

The focus of this webinar is to identify how Machine Learning, Visualization and new technology like Graph can directly increase the accuracy and shorten process time for ‘Human in the Loop’.

Home Insurance demo

Watch our demo on how to improve efficiency and accuracy in detecting fraudulent home insurance claims.

Let’s fight fraud together

Together we can build innovative solutions that mitigate the risk of fraud, solve compliance concerns, and protect the business from bad actors and fraudulent activity.