GenAI Agents in Finance: How Generative AI-Driven Workflows Deliver Increased Finance Productivity

In an era where precision and efficiency in finance are imperative, discover how Generative AI is reshaping decision-making processes for market participants. This webinar promises to deliver practical insights and strategies tailored for finance professionals.

How can we apply generative AI to improve finance decision-making? Buy-side market participants such as traders, portfolio managers and wealth advisors face an enormously challenging data and productivity environment in which precise answers are non-negotiable. Generative AI in UX design for finance workflows can cut through the noise to deliver creative insights and huge efficiency gains, but only when designed and applied with the right strategy. Our expert speakers will guide you through the practical steps of integrating generative AI into your operations, highlighting the challenges and solutions tailored for expert users. 

Through a detailed case study of a trader’s daily routine, we’ll demonstrate how our approach can transform high-pressure scenarios into streamlined, data-driven processes. We’ll demonstrate an AI agent decision experience to give you a blueprint for your own implementations.


What is Generative UX?

How can Generative AI be used to build the workflows of the future on interoperable platforms such as Openfin? 

Understanding Cognitive Load:
Explore the usability challenges faced by finance users and how to correctly apply AI to alleviate them.

A Framework for AI Enablement

Discover our structured approach to understand how to apply AI where it will deliver real value to decision making.

Challenges in Using AI to Help Expert Users:

Address major challenges such as data veracity, exploration, efficiency and skepticism.

Key Generative AI Use Cases:

Applying our framework of what AI excels at and how to empower better decisions, we will discuss key opportunities for AI in both the front- and back-office.

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