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Accelerate innovation and meaningful insights with Expero Technology Accelerators

Expero has solved complex customer challenges for over 15 years. During that time, our experts designed and built a comprehensive set of reusable software accelerators and licensed turnkey software. Whether you buy or build your solution, Expero assets can be your ‘unfair advantage’ in delivering faster and more complete enterprise solutions. Our Connected software is easy to license, configure and install.

How we do it

Flexible and configurable asset options

Our Connected technology accelerators empower experts to work faster, more accurately, and form a more complete picture. Deploy our fully configurable, pre-built tools to transform the capabilities of legacy infrastructure and build smart systems primed for automation and acceleration.

UX & Design Elements

Adopt a pre-designed view or build the optimal front end for any use case or user. Our technology accelerators offer solved options for unique use cases and turnkey elements for common industry use cases. Empower your team to tackle the most complex data visualization challenges.

Industry & Use Case Specific

Profit from decades of experience and dedicated investment in specific solutions for Financial Desktop, Financial Crimes, Customer 360, and Supply Chain. Our ready-to-go modules improve workflows, reporting, analytics, dashboards, and scenario planning to achieve your business goals faster.

Modular Database Connections

Modular data connection for most common databases allows faster data connectivity and use-case-driven combinations of different types of data. Empower your business users to seamlessly interact and find answers regardless of the data type, source, or location.

Configurable and Extendable

Expero technology accelerators are designed for maximum configuration and extension capability. Whether the assets are used for custom use cases or one of our turnkey industry solutions our team can radically increase delivery speed.

Graph Databases

Expero’s software assets connect to most Graph analytics and third party databases. Give your users the ability to dive deep into historical data and interrogate it thoroughly. Our Connected analytics module can digest petabytes of data and provide clear, actionable insights by identifying patterns and indicators hidden in your business and customer data.

AI, ML & GenAI

Find answers faster and more repeatedly. Our technology accelerators are primed and ready for cutting-edge data science and artificial intelligence, giving you a platform to harness AI’s potential. Whether you use our out of the Box GenAI tool Connected Jetpack for GenAI or are looking for more custom interactions, features or UI, let our team help you make your data conversant.

Training, Support & Maintenance

Everything your team requires to guarantee maximum uptime and to minimize support. Our experts keep your solution in operation and offer a resource to help you scale in the future. 

Case Study

Driving client success with Expero Technology Accelerators

Cutting-edge customer and user experience to differentiate in the competitive financial services industry

A financial services firm that prides itself on the usability and functionality of its software was looking to update its platform and prepare for the next wave of AI and analytics technology.


UI and User Experience - Expero delivered innovative designs and workflow patterns based on validated feature requests. The end goal was a comprehensive application and first-class customer experience for the suite of products and the new portfolio experience.

Technology Accelerator - Leveraging Expero Connected for Finance software, time to market was quickened, and the new solution was rolled out in under three months.

Custom Software Development - Leveraging the Expero Connected platform, we expanded the client’s existing system’s features, enhanced usability, and delivered a new modern aesthetic for all users.


Uncover insights faster with technology accelerators

Our customizable software solutions bolt onto existing infrastructure and enables you to contextualize your data rapidly. Find actionable insights to improve performance, drive revenues, delight customers, and even unexpected connections. Empower your teams to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently with our Connected technology accelerators.

Reduce costs with bolt-on components

You don’t always have to build everything from scratch. Our bolt-on components are battle-tested, brilliantly designed, and ready to go without rebuilding your platform from the ground up.

Rapidly accelerate time to market

Our Connected software is ready to deploy, easy to customize, and incredibly powerful. It helps you move faster and accelerate the delivery of new products to market.

Modular configuration for your use case or industry

Our proven software has a track record of success in finance, financial crime, supply chain, and customer 360 solutions. But we can customize it for even the most complex and regulated environments.

Get ahead of your competition

Our Connected software is designed to allow for rapid configurations and customization. Move faster than your competition and with greater precision to create experiences and products that help you grow your market share.

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Our Process

How we implement our technology accelerators with you

Our expert teams have implemented our Connected platform in highly complex environments to support a broad range of business objectives. From fighting fraud to operational efficiency and securing new revenue streams, we know how to set you up for success quickly. Working collaboratively with cross-functional teams, we leverage our Connected platform to bring data together, streamline workflows, reduce costs, and empower your experts.

Discovery Icon


We conduct deep research and validation to ensure we understand your challenges and spot precisely how our Connected platform can help you achieve your business goals.

Solve for Complexity Icon

Solve for Complexity

Ideas are turned into concepts and road maps to zero in on the right path forward and tackle complexity early.

UX & Design Icon

UX Design

What good is a beautiful product if your users don’t use it? Our UX teams rigorously market-test our software to ensure that it meets the needs of even the most demanding users.

Software Innovation Icon

Software Innovation

Our full stack approach and bolt-on software accelerators mean we'll create the foundation for a market-leading product primed to scale and take advantage of the latest technology.

Custom Software Development Icon

Software Development

Focused on delivery and implementation, our teams will execute a solution that drives your business forward and that end-users can't get enough of.

Delivery Icon


Once launched, we'll set you up for ongoing success with a custom-tailored training and onboarding plan. Complete with support and maintenance, we keep you operating at full speed.

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Our Insights

Learn more about our work

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Automotive Insurance Claim Fraud Demo

Watch our demo on how Graph and TimeSeries data can be a valuable tool for insurance companies in fighting claim fraud.

Home Insurance demo

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