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Tier 2 Bank FinCrime Solutions using ML and AI

Tier 2 Bank FinCrime Solutions using ML and AI

Join our webinar to explore how ML & AI technology is transforming AML compliance for Tier 2 banks. Learn how to stop fraud, slash false positives, and create a more efficient fraud prevention strategy.

Big Data: Designing & Architecting Reactive UIs

What do my users want to do with Big Data? How do they want to visualize it, interact with it and manage it? How big is my data, really? How much data can a human deal with at one time, and how much data should we process at one time? How can the UX accommodate data sources that respond at different rates?

Designing & Building a Real-World Trading Platform with OpenFin

This webinar offers a closer look at OpenDoor and how it works for its users, and insight as to how the product was made, usability, product, and software challenges that brought it to life as presented by Expero and OpenFin.

Enterprise Security System In Real-Time Using TigerGraph & Kafka Streams

Build a single view of your corporate security model using new capabilities in graph and streaming technology through which you can funnel all your access attempts to critical data.