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Tier 2 Bank FinCrime Solutions using ML and AI

Tier 2 Bank FinCrime Solutions using ML and AI

Join our webinar to explore how ML & AI technology is transforming AML compliance for Tier 2 banks. Learn how to stop fraud, slash false positives, and create a more efficient fraud prevention strategy.

2022 Trends in Fraud + AML

The focus of this webinar is to highlight Machine Learning, Visualizations, and Graph technology trends in 2022 that will increase the accuracy and output of systems, and how including the ‘Human in the Loop’ can get your teams ahead of potential gaps in your anti-fraud solutions and government AML legislation.

Generative AI + UX Roundtable

We recently gathered together to discuss and debate the pros and cons of Generative AI and how it may or may not fundamentally change how we approach user centric design moving forward. While we weren’t originally planning to release this conversation publicly, there were so many interesting points that came up that we couldn’t help but share it with the world. Please forgive any audio issues or choppy bits as we did our best to smooth out the recording for you to enjoy. Have questions or thoughts about what we discussed today? Contact us at or on twitter @experoinc

Vagrant + Npm + Webpack + Mocha + Karma: One Big Happy Family

I recently finished cleaning up our build system and adding support for both client-side and server-side unit tests. The build is cross-platform, meaning our developers can build and run the application whether they are on Windows, OSX, or Linux.