Our cutting edge solutions

Smart innovation and software accelerators to solve your most critical challenges

We design and deliver meaningful innovation for expert users in complex environments. Our teams have delivered hundreds of solutions to empower teams to make real-time decisions, build new products faster, scrutinize data with greater accuracy and accelerate their organization. Whether custom development or bolt-on software, we help you move fast.


Transform outcomes across front, mid and back office

Define your best path forward and pick the right blend of transformation and modernization for your financial organization. 

  • Modernize existing systems to connect data, better serve customers, and deliver first-class user-centric solutions
  • Synthesize data into front-office workflows and analytics processes to provide users cutting-edge insights, alerts and asset information
  • Accelerate your time to market and deliver the right solutions for your expert users faster than ever before
Financial Crimes

Reduce risk and prevent fraud in real time

Regardless of industry or use case, we engineer, design and deliver fraud-preventing technology, predictive analytics, integrated systems and accurate data to identify and root out fraud faster.

  • Detect high-risk patterns and decrease false positives faster with beautiful visualization of complex, fully-connected data
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency of your investigations with a single, centralized view of historical and real-time data
  • Stay ahead of any potential fraudster with actionable insights delivered by high-powered analytics and intelligent scenario planning
Financial Crimes
Supply Chain

Optimize your operation and adapt in real time

Connect, visualize and analyze disparate datasets to vastly simplify decision-making across your supply chain and optimize your schedules and planning.

  • Analyze your data to detect potential bottlenecks, hidden patterns and insights, and recurring problems that need addressing in your supply chain
  • Increase your prediction accuracy by turning complex data into easy to understand visualizations to analyze and manipulate
  • Adapt in real time with What-If analytics to transform historical data and connected information into meaningful insights
Supply Chain
Customer 360

Connect complex data to drive revenue and reduce churn

Create a unified view of customer insights to increase sales and cut costs. Connect dispersed datasets to surface critical insights and build highly accurate customer profiles.

  • Reduce acquisition costs and optimize marketing campaigns by targeting the right customer cohorts to deliver outsized return on investment
  • Engage at-risk customers early and avoid issues before they begin by identifying patterns to predict churn and highlight the next best conversations 
  • Pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities to deliver optimal revenue potential and unlock hidden customer growth in your data
Customer 360