2018 has been another bang-up year for the graph space and we’re excited to be attending Distributed Data Summit & Graph Day San Francisco 2018 in a few weeks. This conference continues to exceed our expectations with representation from across the graph space including a mix of commercial and open source offerings along with presentations on concrete graph use cases. The speaker roster is stacked this year with knowledgeable folks and topics ranging from real-time to analytical use cases. Last year I had the opportunity to talk about JanusGraph and I’ll be doing the same this year with a presentation entitled Distributed ACID with JanusGraph and FoundationDB.

JanusGraph is commonly deployed in a distributed fashion, using Cassandra or HBase as its backingstore. These options have expanded recently with the introduction of Scylla and Google Cloud Bigtable, which are both API compatible with Cassandra and HBase respectively. All of these stores have great scale out capabilities and are battle tested in the real world, but until recently, there wasn’t a distributed ACID store option.

Early this year, the ACID dry spell ended with Apple’s open sourcing of FoundationDB. FoundationDB is a distributed ACID key-value store that is targeted specifically at folks like the JanusGraph team. People who are looking to build their own distributed data systems on a solid, no-pun intended, ACID foundation. Over the past few months we’ve been putting together an experimental JanusGraph storage adapter to integrate JanusGraph with FoundationDB. I’ll be discussing this work, and giving a more general introduction to FoundationDB for those who are unfamiliar to the project. Questions about this topic or a project you’re working on? Give us a shout at info@experoinc.com.


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