Our Process

Bulletproof processes to take you from idea to production

It doesn’t matter whether you have no idea, some idea, or a rock-solid plan for what you need, our expert teams can augment, expand, or accelerate innovation in even the most complex environments. Delivering mission-critical products and platforms from the ground up, our process is robust, repeatable, teachable, and first-class.

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For us, discovery means learning from you and your customers to ensure we provide solutions that exceed everyone's expectations. This includes deep customer and market research to ensure we understand your challenges, identify precisely what product or platform you need, and explain how it can help you achieve and align to your business goals. 

  • User Experience & Market Research

  • Tech & Product Assessments

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • UX Assessments

Solve for Complexity Icon

Solve for Complexity

We turn ideas into fully formed concepts and comprehensive strategic roadmaps. Together, we chart your path to success and create detailed action plans for managing complex decisions. We instill confidence so you can feel assured about what we are building together.

  • Product & Project Management

  • Road Mapping & Strategy

  • Full-Stack Enterprise Mindset

  • AI & Data Strategy

UX & Design Icon

UX Design

What good is a beautiful product if your users don’t use it? Our UX teams rigorously market-test ideas and innovation to guarantee a useful and usable product. 

  • User Experience & Design

  • UX for Complex Data

  • AI-Driven Experiences

  • Data Visualization

Software Innovation Icon

Software Innovation

From product selection to bolt-on software accelerators and everything in between, we'll design and build the foundation for a market-leading product or platform primed to scale. No two innovation cycles are the same, and we will help you find the right solution to your particular requirements rapidly.

  • User & Market Research

  • UX, Design & Prototyping

  • Analytics, AI and Graph

  • Modernization and Technology Accelerators

Custom Software Development Icon

Software Development

Focused on delivery and implementation, our teams will execute the development of a product or platform to propel your business forward. Our expert data and software engineers are vastly experienced and relish the opportunity to build solutions and solve problems for end users.

  • Product Management & Technical Project Management

  • Roadmapping, UI & UX

  • Enterprise Architecture & Technology Accelerators

  • Advanced Analytics, AI and Graph

Delivery Icon

Continuous Delivery

Delivery doesn’t just mean writing code and delivering sales, feature pipelines, products, support, and modernization. Expero works across all phases of product maturity to ensure the continuous delivery of value to you and your customers.

  • DevOps

  • Product Management

  • Modernization

  • Training, Support & Maintenance

What will we build together?

Let’s craft innovative, market-leading software to accelerate your business. Our software and data engineering teams are ready to solve your complex problems and help you grow.