Custom Software Development

Solving complex problems with custom software development

Our specialty is designing and building the precise answer to your unique challenge fast. Using our strategic methodologies and practical implementation, we help organizations achieve what they never thought possible. With custom software development from Expero, you can radically tilt the game in your favor.

How we do it

Full-stack software development

From database to UI, our project management prowess, data experts, software engineers, UX, and product teams collaborate with you to turn ideas into revolutionary products at enterprise scale.

Project Management

Waterfall, Lean-Agile, design-led, or your own hybrid working methodology, our experts are fluent in any language and hit the ground running.

Strategy & Roadmapping

Future-proofed innovation designed and delivered in lock-step with your long term business objectives. Comprehensive development roadmaps and innovation strategy as standard.


We help clients explore every avenue. Our UI and UX experts ensure we build the right thing that’s both useful and usable. 

Technology Accelerators

Delivering hundreds of custom projects for clients, we’ve built bolt-on technology components to rapidly accelerate projects when the time is right.

Graph Databases

Make your complex data your greatest asset. Deeply skilled in Graph, we surface critical insights into your organization, customers, and operations.

Enterprise Architecture

Whether you need a global enterprise platform or a piece of bespoke customer-facing engineering, regardless of the complexity, our experts are adept at working at any scale.

Artificial Intelligence

Elevate and accelerate your systems and processes with the intelligent application of AI. We know how to extract maximum value from the technology and channel you in the right direction.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze vast volumes of data using complex machine learning and visualization and spot the signal in the noise. Our data experts know how to surface the right information and make it actionable.


Operate at lightning speed as our highly skilled and deeply experienced engineering teams ramp up production. Construct continuous delivery pipelines to bring new features to life super fast.

Training, Support & Maintenance

Everything you need to guarantee you stay ahead of the competition and operate, scale, and grow at full capacity.

Case Study

Our work in Custom Software Development

Market-leading software to delight customers, reduce costs, and grow revenues

The client was utilizing a 14 year old software stack and was looking to both modernize and avoid customer churn. Satisfying multiple stakeholder needs and customer demands, we designed and built a product which streamlined usability while making it easier to drive additional transactions and revenue.


Innovation and UI/CX - Through collaboration with key stakeholders, we developed and refined user interfaces, enhancing intuitiveness and productivity. This resulted in a revamped solution that attracted new customers and optimized workflows for existing users.

Modernization - An overhaul of the client’s existing technology stack led to significant performance gains, exceeding 100x. The updated solution became the cornerstone of the client’s operations, offering advanced features for diverse workloads.

Custom Software Development - Our team worked in parallel with the client to ensure that service was not interrupted for current customers while developing the modernized platform. The new solution, featuring responsive UI, efficient middle layers, and a robust backend, was launched on time and within budget.


Bulletproof architecture and eminently useful software designed to order

Nobody delivers like Expero. We craft beautifully designed and flawlessly executed custom software. We make the complex seem simple to deliver intuitive and effortless experiences for customers and expert users alike. We get to the heart of what’s required, iterate fast, and build precisely what you need to deliver maximum business value.

Reduce operational costs

Eradicate process bottlenecks and accelerate your output with custom development. Expero’s agile teams deliver enterprise-grade innovation to help you save time and money, allowing you to scale your business efficiently.

Scalable and future-proofed innovation

De-risk uncertainty with scalable frameworks and tried and true methodologies. Our cross-discipline, product thinking approach allows you to routinely test and mature ideas to stay ahead of the competition.

Ultra-modern technology but ridiculously simple to use

Make the complex understandable and the technology usable. Expero’s UX experts shape your entire ecosystem to make your everyday users the hero. We put them in control and give them the information and tools they need to execute at speed.

Operate faster and secure first-mover advantage

Created in consensus with customers and expert users, we design and build cutting-edge innovation to put you lightyears ahead of your competition. Accelerate time to market and steal market share.

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Our Process

How we build software with you

With deep technical expertise focused on delivering your business outcomes, we hit the ground running and drive innovation fast. Highly collaborative with battle-tested operating procedures whether you’re using Lean-Agile or waterfall, our cross-functional teams design and build software with extraordinary precision and speed.

Discovery Icon


We conduct deep research and validation to ensure we understand your challenges and identify precisely what’s needed to achieve your business goals.

Solve for Complexity Icon

Solve for Complexity

Ideas are turned into concepts and road maps to zero in on the right path forward and tackle complexity early.

UX & Design Icon

UX Design

What good is a beautiful product if your users don’t use it? Our UX teams rigorously market-test ideas and innovation to guarantee a product that’s both useful and usable.

Software Innovation Icon

Software Innovation

From product selection to bolt-on software accelerators and everything in between, we'll create the foundation for a market-leading product primed to scale.

Custom Software Development Icon

Software Development

Focused on delivery and implementation, our teams will execute a solution that drives your business forward and that end-users can't get enough of.

Delivery Icon


Once launched, we'll set you up for ongoing success with a custom-tailored training and onboarding plan. Complete with support and maintenance, we keep you operating at full speed.

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Our Insights

Learn more about our work

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What will we build together?

Let’s craft innovative, market-leading software to accelerate your business. Our software and data engineering teams are ready to solve your complex problems and help you grow.