Custom Training & Speaking

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course overview

Expero offers on-site custom training and talks on a range of topics related to software development, UX, graph databases and more. We have experts in development, architecture, user experience and product discovery who can hone resources and materials to many topics.

Each training course or talk is tailored to your organization’s audience and specific needs. Courses typically cover best practices, hands-on exercises and working sessions, as well as relevant case studies and examples from real-world projects.

Any topics or information you find on our site are fair game for custom training and speaking.

LENGTH: 1 Hour - 4 Weeks
FORMAT: Keynote or Conference Talk, Lecture with group exercises and Q&A, or Bootcamp with lecture and individual assignments

intended audience

Anyone interested in acquiring development and architecture, UX, graph database or product discovery skills, including:

  • Software architects
  • Developers
  • Database administrators
  • UX designers
  • Information architects
  • Visual designers
  • Usability specialists
  • User researchers
  • Content writers
  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
  • Executive management
  • Other roles

customizable highlights

  • Big Data: Designing & Architecting Reactive UIs
  • Improving Front-End Performance
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Do You Need a Graph Database?
  • Graph for SQL People
  • Hands-on Introduction to the Gremlin Query Language
  • Implementing Network Algorithms in TinkerPop's GraphComputer
  • Fundamentals of User Experience
  • Meaningful UX for Graph Data
  • Designing Complex Applications & Websites
  • UI Guidelines, Patterns & Component Libraries
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Agile & Lean UX at Enterprise Scale
  • User Research Techniques for Domain-Expert Users
  • Enhancing User Personas
  • Product Discovery Techniques
  • UX for Developers
  • Integrating User Experience into Agile Development
  • Creating Useful & Usable Interactive Visualizations
  • Using Prototypes to Get Your Product Funded
  • Content Usability: Writing for the Web
  • Interaction Design Methods
  • Visual Design Best Practices for Complex Data
  • Interviewing & Survey Techniques
  • User Testing Techniques for Domain-Expert Users
  • Competitive Usability Testing
  • Joy of Use: The Next Stage of User Experience