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With expertise in exploration, production, delivery, geophysics, drilling, transport, and logistics, Expero has built technical computing software for the oil & gas industry alike.

Complex Visualization

  • Authorization, identity, & entitlements
  • Graph-based management systems
  • Auditable history

IoT & Equipment Monitoring

  • Permissions
  • Access & rule integration
  • Data & system provenance

Open Source G&G

  • Finish-to-order solution
  • Full source code
  • Full stack

Data Management

  • Identify & intervene
  • Graph embeddings
  • Advanced Visualizations

Machine Learning

  • Prediction & scoring
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning integration

Cloud Migration

  • Use cases with visualizations
  • ROI justification
  • Experience your actual data

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Cyber Security

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Data Science & ML

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Software Factory

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