Supply Chain
We assist our clients in supply chain industries through unifying major systems, financial insight, and in-depth analytics that assess impact, optimize, and utilize machine learning for intervention recommendations.

How We Help Clients


Areas We Focus On

Fragmented and Outdated - Data is locked away in multiple systems or old spreadsheets with no source to customer view

Hidden Details - Hard to scan and quickly drill into important information with no call to action

Alert Fatigue - Real Issues are buried in an outdated alerts or false positives

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Integrate - Unify major systems for a contiguous view of your supply chain

Financial Insight - Use order data to reveal the financial implications of changes

Stunning Analytics - Visually identify real issues and intelligently manage by exception

Find what matters in your data, through meaningful analytics that cut the noise and allow management by exception across a unified representation of the entire supply chain. Interactively see change over time and visually explore issues to find root causes quickly.


Areas We Focus On

Inaccessibility - Plans are buried in spreadsheets and unavailable to execs and broader organization; Hard to see supply and demand imbalances across the supply chain

Lack of options - Limited insights means difficulty in proactive what-ifs and impact assessment

Resource Inefficiency - Materials are delivered too early or too late. Planners spend 50% (or more) time cleaning data and building spreadsheets

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Analytics - Analyze projected supply vs demand status visually and effortlessly across supply chain stages; Examine how a plan evolves over time, modelling trends for specific time horizons

Rough Cut Planning - Explore alternative routes and simply model downstream effects of potential changes; Pivot between resources, inventory, bill-of-materials and orders to see meaningful dependencies and intersections in plans

Predictive - Combat alert fatigue with learned suggestions to make, move, cut

Manage flow and alternatives in a single view. Find surplus, shortages and inefficiencies through a holistic view of the entire supply chain. Proactively What-If with confidence, having full visibility into potential downstream outcomes of multiple scenarios.

Transportation & Logistics

Areas We Focus On

Inaccuracy - Incorrect delivery projections result in rushed shipment charges

Inefficiency - Poor distribution and scheduling increases delivery times, costs and turnover

Unadaptable - Static rules are incapable of predicting and reacting to adverse events and conditions

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Analytics - Assess impact and manage events and supply and demand variability

Optimization - Use order data to reveal the financial implications of changes

Machine Learning - Identify issues in routes & logistics and offer intervention recommendations

Find bottlenecks and dynamically adjust for adverse events as new shipments appear with little notice, storms close airports and roads, trucks break down, and clients cancel contracts.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Areas We Focus On

Misalignment - No clear understanding on strategic direction such that the whole organization is not on the same page

Lack of Strategy - Focus is on day-to-day execution and not on a longer strategic term

Missed Targets - Poor customer service levels, inventory issues, production inefficiencies and inability to achieve financial targets

our solutions highlights

Innovation and Strategy Integration - Collect and review of internal and external market factors and product roadmaps that could influence the overall plan

Operations Alignment - Identify scenarios that close supply plan gaps to unconstrained consensus demand to meet financial goals

Business Alignment - Final executive review and decision point to release plan to execution

View rollups of key indicators to support decisions and what-ifs across multiple constituents and sources of data

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