Customer 360
Learn more about how Expero works with Uniform Customer Model, Journey Mapping, Visualizations, and smart targeting in Customer 360.

Customer 360 Solution: Focus Areas


  • Smart Targeting - Prospecting for Customers
  • Campaign Management - Targeting New Prospects & Customers
  • Segmentation - Demographic Customer Targeting
  • Analytics - Acquisition Scoring and Machine Learning (outbound, email, social, etc.)
  • Analytics - Prospect Journey Mapping and Machine Learning & Graph
  • Social - Graph & Machine Learning for recommendations


  • Single Customer - New | Journey Map
  • Churn Avoidance - Identify and intervene with Machine Learning & Graph
  • Silent Complaints - Identify & Avoid
  • Personalization - Optimize by Customers products & relationships
  • Loyalty - Pattern matching and recommendations with Graph & Machine Learning
  • Customer Scoring - Influence, Risk, Churn potential, etc.


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graph technology

Graph Technology can revolutionize your Customer 360 efforts. Let us show you how we can infuse any system with Graph Visualizations.

data science & ML

Machine Learning is no longer  science fiction, but a real technology that can  impact your business and your Customer 360 efforts in real time.

rapid prototyping

Expero can take your ideas from white board to a fully working prototype in 3-5 weeks, and prove funding viability without breaking the bank.

Real-Time Customer Journey

Explore the possibilities and find your solution in our Gallery of visualizations and data models.

the art of the possible

Expero is partnered with some of the leading data technologists in the world. We solve complex problems that packaged software and canned solutions cannot. We will infuse your current technology with best of breed Graph and Machine Learning tools and techniques.

collaborative creativity

The Expero process is not accomplished in a vacuum, but instead in a collaborative joint delivery process.  Our INSIGHT methodology is Agile-based and designed for maximum output with minimal time. Our end goal is to create business changing applications that are not just visually attractive but drive revenue, cut costs, and decrease time to market.

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Customer 360 - Know Your Customer (KYC)

Learn how Expero works with Uniform Customer Model, Journey Mapping, Visualizations, and smart targeting in 
Customer 360.
Companies are losing billions of dollars from unhappy customers, and with the presence of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to create the best possible customer experience.

The overall churn rate across industries sits at 6.73%, but with the help of predictive analytics, cost standards, and 
more, Expero can help you drive the advancement of customer-focused recommendations while employing real time logistics in an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

Key Industries

  • Banking
  • Telco
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • eCommerce
  • Retail
  • Media
  • Education

Our Process

Using our expertise in various fields, combined with our knowledge of new, real time technology systems, we can help you increase recommendation accuracy and machine learning findings.


Targeting prospect customers has never been easier thanks to smart targeting and campaign management. For a deeper look, we offer segmentation for customer targeting by demographic, along with the ability to view individual journey maps.

Create proactive outcomes with recommended programs to reach out to targeted customer segments or customers at risk of churn.


Avoid churn with customer scoring, augmented by machine learning and graph to pinpoint silent complaints and take action immediately. Elevate your customer retention one step further with personalization capabilities that optimize by product, customer relationships, and loyalty.

Users can filter by connections and customer scores to target similar customers while identifying influence and sentiment. Learn more about your customers by looking into their activity and 
historical trends.


Customize recommendations for cross selling and upselling, or use specific case recommendations for the best next conversation. With  graph and machine learning, you can utilize customer analytics to bring new patterns to light that you’ve never seen before.

Discover hidden trends and connections with extensive, configurable data visualization and 
activity time series.

Customer 360 Use Cases

Financial Services
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Biotech & Health Care
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