Customer 360

Connect complex customer data to drive revenue, cut costs, and reduce churn

We design and build advanced analytics and visualization solutions which weave together disparate datasets and bring your customers to life in rich detail. Optimizing systems to improve prospecting and solve complex customer problems, we deliver sophisticated, real-time analytics and intuitive UI solutions. Have the next best conversation every time.

Customer 360
The Challenge

Establishing a unified view of customer insights to increase sales and cut costs with disconnected and dispersed data is extremely complex

Petabytes of information are created every day. Amongst this expansive and complex data are critical insights to create highly accurate customer profiles. The problem is pulling it together into easy-to-understand and action views. New technology and smart innovation is helping to connect disparate datasets and empower sales, marketing and service teams to connect the dots between touchpoints, interactions and sentiment.

Key Use Cases

Customer 360 - Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics

Customer 360 - Prospect Targeting

Prospect Targeting

Customer 360 - Next Best Conversation

Next Best Conversation

Customer 360 - Cross-Sell | Upsell

Cross-Sell | Upsell

Customer 360 - Churn Avoidance

Churn Avoidance

Customer 360 - KYC - Customer 360

KYC - Customer 360

How we help

High-powered analytics and visualized data

Our expert teams work with you to deploy the perfect blend of technology and innovation to achieve your business goals. Focusing on reducing costs, accelerating time to market, and improving accuracy, we turn data into actionable customer insights to help you acquire, retain, and grow. Whether it's a custom solution or leveraging our out-of-the-box software accelerators, we’ll help you understand your customers more deeply than ever before.


Intelligent Prospecting

Reduce customer acquisition costs through increased prediction accuracy leveraging real-time interaction data. Optimize campaigns and target the right customer cohorts to deliver outsized marketing ROI.


Engage At-Risk Customers Early

Identify patterns with AI and ML to predict churn risk, highlight the best next conversations, and avoid issues before they begin. Build processes and customer journeys that create customer advocates.


Pinpoint Upsell and Cross-Sell

Accurately segment customers to target optimal revenue potential and prioritize products for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Unlock customer growth hidden in your historical data.

Our impact
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Customer 360

Innovating with market-leading partners 

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Customer 360

Exceptional customer experiences as standard

Our Connected Customer 360 software solutions can bolt on to your existing systems to get you closer to your customers, fast. Connect data streams into configurable dashboards and unify your customer view for all your teams across your operation. Improve marketing performance, sales pipeline, and grow your business.

Our Connected solution empowers you to create truly memorable customer experiences, reduce churn and engage a loyal customer base.


Identify, and target the right prospects with the right marketing messages and campaigns.


Deliver effortless experiences that keep customers coming back for more.


Keeping existing customers happy and finding new customers with ease, grow your brand and improve your margins.

Entity ResolutionEntity Resolution

Entity Resolution



Work Flow ManagementWork Flow Management

Work Flow Management

Anomaly ManagementAnomaly Management

Anomaly Management



Scenario / What IfScenario / What If

Scenario / What If

ER/Data EnrichmentER/Data Enrichment

ER/Data Enrichment

KYC ScreeningKYC Screening

KYC Screening

Case ManagementCase Management

Case Management



Data ExplorerData Explorer

Data Explorer



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Let’s discover the customer insights to propel you forward

Together we can build you a customer engagement and analytics platform to help you grow your revenues and expand your audiences.