Integrated and interconnected applications for the front, middle, and back office

We deliver modern and intuitive solutions for even the most demanding of expert users in finance with groundbreaking user experiences. Harness advanced analytics and insights for expert users in wealth, asset management, banking or insurance.

The Challenge

Overwhelmed by choices to modernize yet hampered by expensive legacy technology, picking the right transformation path is fraught with risk

Attempting to drive revenues, lower risk, or find hidden efficiencies, financial organizations must find ways to bring disparate systems and applications together. The problem is fragmented data located across a wide variety of platforms means tinkering at the edges isn’t moving the needle, but wholesale change is too risky. Teams can’t trust the data. Workflows are siloed and data is disconnected which slows everything down. Data and analytics must be integrated to enhance collaboration and improve decision making.

Key Use Cases

Finance - Compliance Data Flow Analytics

Compliance Data Flow Analytics

Finance - Asset Management & Analytics

Asset Management & Analytics

Finance - Front & Mid Office Applications

Front & Mid Office Applications

Finance - Trade & Holdings Optimization

Trade & Holdings Optimization

Finance - Compliance & Connected Data

Connected Data

Finance - Modernize Finance Desktop

Modernize Finance Desktop

How we help

Bring products to market faster, reduce costs, and drive operational efficiency

We take a multidisciplinary approach, accelerated by our stress-tested planning, and enabled by our proprietary development for finance to find the perfect blend of technology, innovation and process optimization to hit your objectives. Our teams understand the finance landscape and thrive on the complex problems around data integration, analytics and presentation. Whether through custom software development or by taking advantage of our out-of-the-box software accelerators, we get you moving fast.


Intuitive digital experiences

Our skilled teams work closely with you to stabilize, enhance and ultimately replace existing legacy technology with beautifully designed user-centric solutions. 


Turn data into user insights

Whether it’s research, news, market, or internal data, we integrate and deliver it to the point of consumption as an analytic, alert or insight. 


Faster solution delivery

We deliver solutions quickly, enabled by our proprietary Connected Finance platform - built to accelerate time to market for even the most complex challenges. 


Innovating with market-leading partners 


Transform Buy And Sell Operations Fast

Our fully configurable Connected Finance Software solution bolts onto your existing infrastructure. It enables you to rapidly implement transformative dashboards and unified desktop views to improve the performance of front and mid-office applications without ripping out what you have already.

Our Connected solution empowers your buy and sell teams to work faster and more accurately.


Transform the capabilities of legacy infrastructure and build smart, adaptable systems.


Curate and integrate disparate datasets into easily intelligible dashboards.


Enable automation, streamline workflows, and make it simple to take new products to market.

Entity ResolutionEntity Resolution

Entity Resolution



Work Flow ManagementWork Flow Management

Work Flow Management

Anomaly ManagementAnomaly Management

Anomaly Management



Scenario / What IfScenario / What If

Scenario / What If

ER/Data EnrichmentER/Data Enrichment

ER/Data Enrichment

KYC ScreeningKYC Screening

KYC Screening

Case ManagementCase Management

Case Management



Data ExplorerData Explorer

Data Explorer



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Our thinking

Dive into our world and find out what we have to say about technology, UX, and software development.

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Trading Alternative Investments using Connected Data & Machine Learning

Trading Alternative Investments using Connected Data & Machine Learning

Deploying Data Products

Building data products in your organization to realize data science ROI and never before seen data insights.

Let’s modernize together

Together we can accelerate your journey to a fully automated finance desktop and interconnected platform. Let’s elevate your operation to the next generation.