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Effective UX Design in an Agile World

Our spin on how UX teams have continued to tailor our UX design principles to the product development process.

4 Ways to Kick-Start Lean User Research

As Agile principles and Lean methodologies continue to take center stage in product management and strategy, it’s easy to shoot right past the user research.

Integrating UX and Agile

Producing great user experiences in an Agile environment can be a challenge. As a designer who has been working in the User Experience (UX) field for over 20 years and as part of Agile teams since 2006, I have truly come to embrace Agile. Dare I say, often I prefer it. As the product releases move ever faster, Agile, Kanban and other Lean methods are here to stay. It’s time for the UX field to get better educated on these topics and embrace change. Many aspects of Agile and Lean methodologies are good for UX. Here are a few tenets of going Agile-Lean that we should be using to our advantage:
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