Learn the details of the Expero Finance Mini-Terminal, which utilizes IEX Cloud API to access, retrieve, and populate financial data for financial advisors and analysts.

Quick Summary: We will be discussing the high level details of the Expero Finance Mini-Terminal which uses IEX Cloud API to access financial data for financial advisors and analysts. The article includes information about our widgets and how we retrieve data from IEX Cloud in order to populate them.

Expero Finance Mini-Terminal Usage of the IEX Cloud API

The Expero Finance Mini-Terminal is a multi window application which allows financial analysts and advisors to compare multiple companies’ financial status.  It includes a close to real time feed of information to update each individual window during the visual comparison and analysis. This gives the user a live interpretation of the market in order to make intelligent financial decisions. The majority of our widgets retrieve data directly from IEX Cloud in order to have the most up to date data for comparison and review. As of this time of writing, Expero has worked and partnered with IEX Cloud and been served by IEX Cloud data for close to a year now. We have found it to be a very valuable API to retrieve close to real time data.

Stock Chart Widget

The stock chart widget is one of the simplest we have in our toolkit. It uses the endpoint with a range, a symbol, and types of chart and quote. The range can be changed from 1 day - 5 years, the chart and quotes update with this. From the chart data, we can render a chart for analysis. With the quote, the app can display fields such as companyName, latestPrice, symbol, change (up or down).

Watchlist Widget

Providing a method of creating lists of companies in which analysts are interested is the watchlist widget. Uniq lists can be created and compared to determine the correct approach to certain financial situations. Similar to the stock chart widget, the watchlist widget uses the endpoint and collects similar data. The biggest difference is the fact that the range is set to 1 day to keep the user up to date on the most recent changes rather than examining the financial information over multiple ranges.

Overview Widget

The overview widget is an excellent view for analysts to quickly find trending companies. The table allows sorting on various columns of the data allowing users to organize based on company name, symbol, price, change, volume, IEX Cloud bid, and IEX Cloud ask. We can see how this can be advantageous to many types of financial institutions and use-cases. This view also reaches out to the endpoint and, similar to watchlist widget, only uses a range of 1 day.

Company Comparison Widget and Metadata

Using the company comparison widget, users can select a primary company and get a list of all of its competitors/peers. This allows quick comparison at a glance to companies related to the primary company that has been selected. This also uses the endpoint but utilizes various other endpoints in an interesting way to allow adding columns to the table. Specific users and accounts of IEX Cloud only have access to certain data. We first make a request to*/primarySymbol to determine which columns users can access. We have to do this for the primary company at the moment. After we find the available fields, we can obtain the data for those fields using with the filter query parameter. This allows users to request only specific fields without requesting the entire list of fields. For each new column added by the user, we can obtain the data and populate the column properly. 


As you can see, it is quite easy to obtain financial data and information. An IEX Cloud account is required to be able to access these endpoints, though you can sign up for one here ( Expero has had quite a bit of experience leveraging IEX Cloud API and widgets which are ready to be updated on the fly using IEX Cloud’s wealth of financial data. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with IEX Cloud and look forward to our continued partnership and what it holds for future projects.

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