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Tier 2 Bank FinCrime Solutions using ML and AI

Tier 2 Bank FinCrime Solutions using ML and AI

Join our webinar to explore how ML & AI technology is transforming AML compliance for Tier 2 banks. Learn how to stop fraud, slash false positives, and create a more efficient fraud prevention strategy.

Graph Day 2016

A case study at Graph Day recounting a client study we did to see whether their database could be reorganized to offer improved query performance. We looked at graph databases (OrientDB, Titan, Neo4J) because they thought of their data as graph data, and relational (Postgresql) because that’s what their database already implemented.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome, or put more simply, feeling like you’re not as skilled or capable as everyone else around you, affects more people than you may think. It can quickly turn from a passing thought to a constant worry, affecting your mental health, productivity, work relationships, and many other aspects of your career and personal life. Today we’re focusing on this common sentiment to discuss not only how to deal with it, but how to turn it into an opportunity for growth and career development. Have questions or thoughts about what we discussed today? Contact us at or on Twitter @experoinc

2024 Trends in Financial Crimes: Navigating the Fight against Financial Crimes through Advanced Analytics and Software Innovation

This educational session will dissect the crucial learning points and engage in lively discussions led by industry experts from FTI Consulting and Expero.