S&OP 5 Step Process + Toolkit

Revolutionize your sales and operations planning. Find what matters in your data, align stakeholders, explore issues and proactively what-if alternatives.

If your S&OP program isn't giving your enterprise the positive results you expected, or you want to better understand how effective S&OP programs are supposed to function, this webinar is for you.  Learn the fundamentals of building a truly effective process and discover the data analytics necessary to support S&OP's purpose - sound decision making.  

Data Analytics expert Chris LaCava, VP of Products at Expero, Inc. and leading S&OP authority Bill Mrzlak, President of ChainSequence, Inc. will walk you through discovering what really matters within your data, aligning stakeholders, diagnosing ongoing issues, and proactively evaluating what-if alternatives to help your business succeed.

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