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In this post, we'll hear from several new hires about some of the benefits of joining Expero and what to expect.

At Expero we operate with both remote and in-office team members. We’ve had a great deal of success working with people remotely. In fact many of us work with people from around the world on a daily basis. One of our offices is even located in the Canary Islands. As a result, many of our co-workers bring a diverse array of both professional and cultural experience to the table. We always have something new to learn from each other. Plus, given the wide array of projects we work on, chances are you’ll get to work on a new and exciting project with someone who has a different skill set and perspective than you. On top of our new training and mentorship programs, opportunities to learn at Expero are at every corner.

We spoke to some of the new hires to get a sense of what they’ve enjoyed about the Expero culture since they started. One of our newest back end developers had this to say about Expero’s flexibility: “Through having flexibility in tasks I also have flexibility in learning since there is a wide variety in the type of tasks that you can take on”. I personally benefited from this flexibility, when I asked my guide if I could learn and work on graph databases with a few other teammates. Within weeks, I transitioned over to my first graph related project, and it turned into an amazing opportunity and learning experience. 

Flexibility in tasks and learning opportunities are some of the biggest benefits new hires see working at Expero. When the time and opportunity permits, there are usually a variety of things to work on. New hires are especially excited to find that Expero lets you dive into work that you otherwise might be new or unfamiliar with, not only allowing you to expand your skill set, but also giving you room to work on something different from time to time:

“I've been here for about 3 months and during that time, I've picked up terraform, TigerGraph, and I've sharpened some of my C++ skills so there is an emphasis on picking up new technologies and being well rounded and it's a good environment for anyone that is looking to diversify their skill set.”

They also expressed the benefit of feedback and constructive criticism from coworkers: “You tend to get regular feedback on a day to day basis through slack and standups, but the occasional meetings like the 3-month or 6-month meeting are helpful as well since the meeting is specifically about how you are doing”. Our process of collecting feedback and criticism related to our work helps us understand what we are doing well and which areas we can improve in. This can help each of us refine our skill set and understand our progress. 

At Expero, each employee is assigned a guide. Guides can act as a resource within the company for discussing company related issues and to increase transparency. That way if there are any issues or obstacles along the way, the employee has a clear line of communication with someone who has leverage in a given situation. One of our new hires had this to say about their guide:  “[My guide] is a great person to reach out to about questions. I have a good relationship with [my guide] and have no problems reaching out if I need something”. Having someone as your guide who has more experience than you or experience in a different field can also be to your benefit, since your guide can act as a mentor and a resource. My guide, for example, was able to teach me about the sales process, and how to avoid a few common machine learning pitfalls, all in the same meeting!

Although guides are a great resource for new hires, especially when it comes to questions about how to navigate the waters at Expero, anyone can be a resource. Our team comprises a diverse group of skill sets and a deep knowledge of a vast array of technologies. Apart from their expertise in existing, battle-hardened technologies, you’ll also find many people who are open to discussing and delving into the latest technologies. If you’re feeling stuck, feel free to reach out to someone. If they don’t have the answer, they will lead you in the right direction. Our new hire had this to say about our culture of asking questions: “thus far I think the question asking ‘culture’ here is good. Nobody seems to snap at what might seem like a simple question to them and that's been great for creating a learning friendly environment”. Just recently, one of our backend new hires reached out to the team for any recommended React resources. One of our React experts responded with an exhaustive recommendation of what aspects of React to dive into and a list of resources with everything from the very basics of React to testing React components. At Expero, there is no lack of motivation to help those who want to learn. 

Through the above examples and more, Expero is actively committed to investing in its employees’ development. We’re not just interested in your current skill set and productivity, but also helping employees grow. For example, we have an internal mentorship program which is great for new or less experienced employees to learn from our tenured employees who are masters in a subject. I personally benefited from learning how others approach and overcome the same day to day obstacles and challenges that I do. I learned strategies from my coworkers on how to effectively manage my time, efficiently manage tasks throughout the day, and use my calendar to maintain focus and productivity over the course of the week.

At Expero, we value working flexibly with peers, learning from our experts, and mentoring bright, receptive minds.  If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, please reach out to me or check out our careers page here (

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