Software and web developers often wear many hats, including the UX/UI hat. But some developers lack the knowledge to design UIs or to collaborate effectively with UX designers and researchers.

This can lead to a bad user experience, low user adoption, low sales, high support costs, unhappy customers, and the need to spend time and money reworking the UX/UI.

As experienced UX and software development consultants, Expero knows how to bridge the knowledge gap. In this online seminar, Chris LaCava and I share some of that knowledge. 

The seminar presents short case studies and several things front-end and back-end developers should know to deliver a high-quality user experience.

We discuss:

  • What User Experience is and why UX matters
  • How to think like your users
  • The process: Discover, Design, Prototype & User Test
  • UX strategy, goals and metrics
  • Incorporating UX into Agile
  • Other key UX best practices and techniques relevant to developers.

We hope you enjoy the video.


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