User & Market Research

Achieve your business & technical goals with user and market research

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Adopting Research-Driven Experiences

We are able to successfully create custom software for domain-expert users through our expertise in user and market research. Through the adoption of user research we are able to get inside the heads of end-users to help our clients achieve their business and technical goals.

  • Align with business & technical goals
  • Document research & testing results
  • Confirm strategy viability
  • Develop high-fidelity concepts

Define the problem

Identify major gaps or inefficiencies in your current process; set goals; and transfer domain knowledge.

Zero in on user goals

We utilize a range of activities to define goals, from persona workshops and user interviews, to mental modeling and ideation sessions.

Design & test solutions

This step in our process includes story map results of ideation sessions, wireframes, user test scripts, user test scores and findings, & recommendations.

Iterate & refine the solution

We will engage in wireframing and prototyping; user testing and viability outlining; and refinement recommendation.

Review & finalize

At this stage we will develop high-fidelity user interface concepts along with supporting documentation.


In the final stage of the project, we will provide and hand over the new design to you.

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When to Test What: Validating Standard Features & Game-Changers

As a user researcher, I’m always inclined to say, “Test everything, all the time!” when people ask, “What/when/how should we validate with users?” That’s my pie in the sky: the place where there’s all the time and all the budget in the world to get every last detail or spec just right for the good of the user, the product, and, ultimately, the business. But that’s not real life. Projects run on strict budgets and tight timelines, and there’s not always a lot of wiggle room.