Connecting the Dots

A podcast by Experonauts. Join us as we discuss best practices and lessons learned while working on some of the industry's most complex problems.

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Jonny Hill
Sr. UX Designer
Phil Gambling
Technical Lead
Karim Jamal
Sr. Architect
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Areas We Focus On

Inaccessibility - Plans are buried in spreadsheets and unavailable to execs and broader organization; Hard to see supply and demand imbalances across the supply chain

Lack of options - Limited insights means difficulty in proactive what-ifs and impact assessment

Resource Inefficiency - Materials are delivered too early or too late. Planners spend 50% (or more) time cleaning data and building spreadsheets

our solutions highlights

Analytics - Analyze projected supply vs demand status visually and effortlessly across supply chain stages; Examine how a plan evolves over time, modelling trends for specific time horizons

Rough Cut Planning - Explore alternative routes and simply model downstream effects of potential changes; Pivot between resources, inventory, bill-of-materials and orders to see meaningful dependencies and intersections in plans

Predictive - Combat alert fatigue with learned suggestions to make, move, cut

Manage flow and alternatives in a single view. Find surplus, shortages and inefficiencies through a holistic view of the entire supply chain. Proactively What-If with confidence, having full visibility into potential downstream outcomes of multiple scenarios.