DataStax Edition: Using Graph Technology to Understand Your Customers
October 30, 2017

Learn how DataStax Graph Technology will increase customer loyalty, identify and resolve customer issues and provide strategic up-selling capabilities.  Utilizing DataStax Graph Technology will allow you to visualize the customer journey increasing customer satisfaction by providing meaningful interactions. Join us to learn how to maximize resources with Graph Technology and finally get an all encompassing view of your customer.

What You'll Learn

  • Demonstrations of Customer-360 applications
  • Technology Review: Discuss DataStax Enterprise and Graph platform stack.
  • The ROI of a positive customer journey with meaningful data-backed interactions
  • How customer journey visualization identifies and resolves customer issues, improves customer interaction time, increases customer satisfaction and provides detailed views of customer history
  • How to Identify customer behavior trends and purchasing patterns 
  • Position strategic upsells and cross-sells by correlating sales data to customer history and product categories 
  • Graph Principles: Clustering, Networks, Proximity and Progressive Disclosure -  the ability to drill in as information is presented and requiring interaction, allow large data viewing without overwhelming users with millions of data points 
  • The ability to score and create usable information from multiple sources. Construction of scorecards and risk calculations which indicate how users should prioritize their customer-facing time, and on which topics or products to dive deeper.