Financial Services

Cut costs & drive revenue with our finance solutions

How we can help

With structured finance and alternative investments, retail banking solutions that cut costs and drive revenue, front office & trading platforms and more, find out how we solve complex problems in the finance industry.

Structured Finance & Alternative Investments

  • Portfolio optimization & “what if” tools
  • Buy/sell recommenders & projections
  • Compliance impact analysis
  • Analytics for complex portfolios & assets

Retail Banking

  • Cut costs & drive revenue
  • Entitlements: identity management
  • Customer 360: churn avoidance
  • Fraud & risk analysis

Technology & Data Modernization

  • Data unification & transformation
  • Modernizing core technologies
  • Mobile companion apps
  • Moving to Cloud

Front Office & Trading Platforms

  • Trading auctions
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Commercial real estate
  • Buy/sell recommendations

Fraud Detection & Entitlements

  • Fraud: reveal actor & entity relationships
  • Risk analysis
  • Entitlement: identity management & internal bad actors
  • Buy/sell recommendations

Customer 360

  • Upsell/cross sell
  • Customer journey
  • Segmentation & churn
  • Optimization & recommendations

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Financial Services

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Customer 360

Unify major systems, financial insight, and in-depth analytics to assess impact, optimize, & utilize machine learning for intervention recommendations.


Identity Management & Entitlements

Infuse your system with graph visualizations to effectively visualize information; analyze data; simulate scenarios; and optimize your process.


Product Factory

Let Expero work side by side, turn it over to you, or be your ongoing software development group long term.

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