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Operate in a seamless, data-driven user experience with Expero's Connected Finance platform built on Morningstar data, research and analytics. Accelerate your market launch and easily integrate with larger systems with our Connected platform's  pre-build customizable components.

Cost effective, customizable, interoperable and highly extensible software, for asset management, wealth management (advisor workflows) and client portals.

Connected Banking and Finance allows you tO:
  • Customization through configuration

  • Rapid integration of of multiple data sets — from external market data feeds, APIs or internal reference data

  • Deliver data into a wide range of configurable components such as grids and charts

  • Custom components can be built for customers leveraging Expero’s design and engineering teams

  • Open framework allows third party components to be easily added

  • End user controls that allow for individual configuration and personalization

  • AI Ready

Advisor and Client Workflows

Tailor-made to your firm’s specific needs, while built on a scalable open platform

  • Easy to configure, onboard and expand

  • Extensible

  • Interoperable

  • Investment research & portfolio analytics

  • AI powered decision support

  • Risk Profiling and Portfolio Risk Score

  • On-the-fly calculations

  • Instant portfolio aggregation

  • Morningstar data and tools

  • Personalized output metrics

  • Full market universe of investments

  • Regulatory, ESG, Ratings, & Risk content

  • Morningstar proprietary data

  • Custom Data integration

  • Development of new capabilities

  • Expansion of data and research

  • Usage data informing roadmap

  • Integration of latest technologies

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