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Accumulating Experience
 and Technology

After years of custom software experience, we’ve accumulated patterns and technology that enable our team to deliver complete software applications quickly. Decrease your time to market when you utilize these helpful toolkits with your custom software build.

  • Build complete software applications faster
  • Finance & Financial Crimes
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer 360

For front, middle, or back applications, the Expero Finance Toolkit is designed to allow for rapid setup configuration and customization for your business problem.

  • Synthesize your workspace
  • View shared data in a single area
  • Examine crucial market analytics

Utilizing market leading desktop application software 
OpenFin, we can rapidly build front and mid office applications with this technology.

  • Real Time Intervention
  • Decrease false positives
  • Visualize deep link patterns for regulatory audits and compliance

The Supply Chain Toolkit maps changing flows, across all supply chain tiers to improve the feasibility and reliability of your plan. Flow visibility enables companies to constantly align inbound supply to changing demand.

  • Assess Plan Health
  • Active Scenario modeling
  • Capacity balancing

Utilizing market leading desktop application software 
OpenFin, we can rapidly build front and mid office applications with this technology.

  • Customer insights
  • Acquire, Retain, and Grow
  • Up-sell, Cross-sell, and sentiment analysis
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Expero Picks for

Software Accelerators

Financial Services Toolkit: Dashboard Demo

Delve into the dashboard capabilities of Expero's Financial Services Toolkit, used for portfolio analysis and recommendation, compliance information, and team sharing workflows.

Network Analytics Toolkit

Explore Expero's Network Analytics Toolkit with this demonstration of Telco networks visualizing IoT connections in real time, along with the ability to forecast complex dependent networks.

Need software that’s ready to go?

Our proven software may just be the solution. We’ve been hard at work developing stand-alone technology.

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2021 Trends in Fraud (AML)

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