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Expero & TigerGraph

3 Minutes

Fraud Prevention: Healthcare

  • Claims Fraud
  • Risk Scoring
  • Opioid Segmentation
  • Fraud Intervention
3 Minutes

Customer 360: Healthcare

  • Next Best Conversation
  • Patient 360
  • Customer Journey
  • Claims Interaction
3 Minutes

Fraud: Detection & Avoidance of Opioid Fraud

  • Fraud Segmentation
  • Care Plan Flagging
  • Relationship Graphing
  • Geographic & Time Series
October 5, 2020

TigerGraph UI ToolKits Financial Crimes

  • Overview of Financial Crimes Toolkit
  • Demos of AML, Credit Card, Transaction Fraud and Financial Crimes
  • Executive, Investigator & team workbench's
  • Overview of ecosystem & elements
October 5, 2020

TigerGraph UI ToolKits

  • Overview of TigerGraph toolkits
  • Increased visibility & optimization
  • Ecosystem overview
  • Demo's : Customer 360, Supply Chain and Financial Crimes
May 27, 2020

Healthcare Round Table with Graph and Kafka

  • Identify and intervene to reduce churn
  • Increase agility for health responses
  • Cut data access time & support costs
  • Streaming, Graph and ML Visualizations
May 7, 2020

Complex Manufacturing Round Table with TigerGraph

  • Reveal Supply Chain Issues and Risks
  • Increase Accuracy of Supply & Demand
  • Unify Data for Predictive Analytics
  • 'What If' for Alternative Paths
May 7, 2020

Financial Services Round Table with Graph and Machine Learning

  • Graph & ML for Portfolio Optimization
  • 360 Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Data Lineage & Entitlements
  • Compliance & Risk Mitigation
March 31, 2020

Energy Round Table with TigerGraph

  • Energy and IoT Connected Systems
  • Cut Costs by 10% using Graph Technology
  • ML Methods and Approaches
  • Increasing accuracy of Energy Data
March 24, 2020

Fraud Detection Round Table with TigerGraph

  • Graph for all Fraud types
  • Cut costs by 10% with Graph + ML
  • Drive real-time fraud detectiondecisions
  • ML approaches combined with Graph
December 18, 2019

Enterprise Security System In Real-Time Using TigerGraph & Kafka Streams

  • Modeling Security Systems with Graph DB
  • Propagation in Real Time
  • Comprehensive Security Model
  • TigerGraph and Kafka
October 24, 2019

Improve Supply Chain Performance Using a Native Parallel Graph

  • Build a unique subgraph for each product
  • Demand-supplier part-volume commitments
  • Streamline response to warranty claims
  • Optimize planning and forecasting
April 26, 2019

Patient 360 + Opioid Fraud Detection Using Machine Learning and TigerGraph

  • Full Patient 360
  • Churn Prevention
  • Working Prototypes
  • TigerGraph

Hey TigerGraph! Your 2020 Forward Looking Thoughts Are Already Here!

At Expero, TigerGraph’s 2020 projections are already in place or well underway.


Synchronizing RBAC to TigerGraph using Confluent/Kafka

Learn how Confluent and TigerGraph can help your organization model and use RBAC within a graph to speed up query times over typical relational database models.


Opioid Fraud Detection Using Deep Embedding

One of Expero’s fraud detection techniques applied to the false prescription of opioids in clinical settings.


Time Series Forecasting with Kinsa Health and Expero

Using recurrent neural networks, we predict the spread of illness in the United States.


Use Real-time Graph Technology to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Learn how Graph Technology can help to identify risk and fraud patterns in order to quickly respond.

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