We Solve Complex UX Problems at the Intersection of Data & Design

UIs that require users to sift through, analyze and act upon large amounts of information pose unique design challenges. Modern systems utilizing Big Data, Interactive Data Visualizations, Machine Learning and complex data stores pose an even greater challenges. Our UX practitioners have been addressing these challenges long before “Big Data” became a buzz word. For years we’ve been honing UI components, data visualizations, design systems and research techniques specifically for complex problems and domain expert users to create novel solutions for our clients.

Our Capabilities

user experience Design

Our UX Designers create novel solutions that tame scale and complexity to reveal the value of your technology and create a great user experience.

Data Experience Design

A hybrid of design and development, Data Designers tell stories with data creating experiences at the intersection of Data Visualization, AI and User Experience.

Design Systems

We utilize Expero reusable components as well as other third party Design Systems to create experiences that are scalable, consistent and extensible.

user Adoption & Research

We apply qualitative and quantitative research methods to generate ideas that drive product vision, test product/market fit and hone usability.

Data Visualization

If a picture says a thousand words, our data visualizations communicate a million from supply chain parts to financial markets to IoT sensor data and more.

Rapid prototyping

We create low and high fidelity prototypes to test ideas and communicate designs. In 2 weeks we'll show you the art of the possible, in 4 weeks we'll blow your mind!

Some of our amazing client partners

Your new home. For you, by you.
The goal of myHouseby is to become the definitive provider for new custom homes. Learn how Expero made that a reality.

Domain Experience & Expertise

Augmented & Virtual Reality
Data Visualization
Graph Data VisualizationsMachine Learning-driven Experiences
Responsive & Mobile UIs
Voice-driven Experiences