Research-driven USER Experiences
Have a complex UX problem?
Complex applications and websites are hard to get right. If you have a data-intensive system for domain-expert users, then you know what we mean. UIs that require users to sift through, analyze and act upon large amounts of information pose unique UX design challenges. Systems running at high-performance computing scale with Big Data pose an even greater challenge.

Using special design techniques honed over the years, Expero creates novel solutions that tame scale and complexity to reveal your technology’s value and create a great user experience. We know your users are the cornerstone of your product, and they’re no longer forgiving of a bad user experience, even if it’s at work. Regardless whether your users are the most expert of scientific experts or novices in your domain, we’ll figure out their needs, desires and behaviors. 
Our designs are driven by user research to ensure they are on target with domain expert user needs and business goals. Throughout our Agile UX process, we also work closely with development to ensure technical feasibility.
Domain expert users are unique. They can go far with their instincts and a spreadsheet making your software one of many technologies they could employ to reach a desired outcome. Our unique user research methods enable us to reveal how your technology fits into a broader context and get inside the heads of even the most expert users to zero in on usefulness and usability.
A picture says a thousand words. From interacting with 5-dimensional seismic data to employing common BI tools on dashboards, we have extensive experience visualizing large and small data sets. Our visualizations often reveal game-changing insights to users, critical concepts and relationships out of once-disconnected data.

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We develop customized UI component libraries and guidelines that enable product teams to wrangle inconsistency, improve development efficiency and provide a superior user experience.
Today, enterprise software users want their workplace software to be as easy and natural to use as the applications and sites they use in their personal lives. Touch interactions on tablets and smartphones often make easy and natural use possible. But if you are a radiologist, should you read an MRI on your phone? If you are an investment advisor, do you want to align a portfolio against Bayesian projected outcomes when your screen is constrained to 480 pixels? Likely not. Users in complex domains deserve better.
"Expero's deep knowledge of user experience patterns and philosophies enabled us to produce an outstanding product that was a quantum leap in our industry."

Nicole Bryan, Product Management Director, Borland