Market Sensing

Achieve your business & technical goals with user and market research

Adopting Research-Driven Experiences

We are able to successfully create custom software for domain-expert users through our expertise in user and market research. Through the adoption of user research we are able to get inside the heads of end-users to help our clients achieve their business and technical goals.

  • Align with business & technical goals
  • Document research & testing results
  • Confirm strategy viability
  • Develop high-fidelity concepts

Define the problem

Identify major gaps or inefficiencies in your current process; set goals; and transfer domain knowledge.

Zero in on user goals

We utilize a range of activities to define goals, from persona workshops and user interviews, to mental modeling and ideation sessions.

Design & test solutions

This step in our process includes story map results of ideation sessions, wireframes, user test scripts, user test scores and findings, & recommendations.

Iterate & refine the solution

We will engage in wireframing and prototyping; user testing and viabiliting outlining; and refinement recommendation.

Review & finalize

At this stage we will develop high-fidelity user interface conepts along with supporting documentation.


In the final stage of the project, we will provide and hand over the new design to you.

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Market Sensing

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