Product & Technology Assessments
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Are you unsure where your product or technology stands in a competitive marketplace? Looking to make a build Vs. buy decision?

Our seasoned team has expertise in a variety of industries and technologies both modern and legacy. We take a multi-level perspective capable of informing every level of the system, from your overall strategy to the user interface to hardware and performance tuning. We are routinely tapped to inform important decisions such as:

* Buy Vs. Build / Technology selection
* Technical Architecture Review
* User Goals & Adoption Risks
* Usability & Usefulness Scoring
* Assess "Off the Shelf" products
* Legacy System Move to Cloud
* Competitive Gap Analysis
* Modernization Strategy

Our proven methodology utilizes established criteria and best practices as well as, your business goals and user needs. Assessment can be used to inform a purchase decision, release roadmap, backlog or modernization strategy.
Discover how your technology ranks against emerging trends and how to adapt and stay competitive.
Ensure your experience matches or exceeds what your different user segments expect from it:
* How well does application supports user & business goals?
* Ease of accomplishing key tasks and use cases
* How do features in your platform compare to similar products or services?
Fine-tune performance by comparing your product to industry best practices and other similar products:
* How easily can the system be scaled to satisfy future data volume and complexity needs?
* Are there any historically tenacious issues that may indicate an architectural flaw?
Your business goals should be in line with the users' goals and your product should offer a useful, cohesive experience.
CASE STUDY: Oil Exploration
After significant internal investment in play mapping tools, no work had been done in five years. Where was the market? Should we improve what we had built or abandon in favor of COTS?

Expero's team of senior architects and designers evaluated the product where it stalled, analyzed the market for play-based exploration tools, and conducted interviews with real users and vendors. We offered a high-level estimate for upgrading the in-house software and spun up detailed technology recommendations for integration and data migration of existing projects.
"We asked Expero to roll out major revisions to personalized reports targeted to new markets, all on a very tight timeframe. Expero delivered. Not only did their prototypes look polished, but they also worked within and around our legacy systems to move our business forward."

Don McGee, Director of Technology, Flippen Group
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Saving Time & Money with Wireframes

Wireframing is valuable for fostering effective communication, clarifying and refining requirements, and guiding project development efforts.
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When to Test What: Validating Standard Features & Game-Changers

As a user researcher, I’m always inclined to say, “Test everything, all the time!” when people ask, “What/when/how should we validate with users?”