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Expero’s Finance software accelerates the path to a fully automated finance desktop. Finance experts can synthesize their workspace faster, use shared canvases, view data in one central location, examine crucial market analytics, and review valuable insights and compare.
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Key Use Cases

  • Front & Mid Office Applications
  • Compliance & Connected Data
  • Modernice Finance Desktop
  • Asset Management & Analytics
  • Trade & Holdings Optimization
  • Compliance Data Flow Analytics

Business Case

Featured Value Points

  • Increase trade accuracy & outcomes
  • Visualize deep links of trades, holdings, and assets for regulatory audits and compliance
  • Real time alerts
  • Desktop trading, front office, and mid-office features
  • Reduced support and development cost
  • Increasing Department and team workflow
  • Decrease false positives

ML + Visualization Characteristics

  • Built-in analytics
  • Visualization - explainable ML/AI
  • No-code interaction
  • Pattern & community algorithms
  • Deep learning/Model interpretability

Functionality for Every User

Using our Finance Software, we can accelerate the path to a fully automated desktop.

Key Users

  • Capital Market Executives
  • Innovation
  • Product
  • Platform
  • Strategy
  • Analytics/ML
  • Marketing
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Data Explorer

Anomaly Management

Work Flow Management


Entity Resolution

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