Graph Database Evaluations
Sebastian Good

We are meeting more people who are interested in looking into the world of graph databases. Palladium has executed proofsofconcept for clients to help them explore this world. In this post we summarize what sorts of questions we feel like a proof of concept project can answer, and how we typically tackle them. For our presentation at Graph Day, we’ll be walking through one in particular, but really there are a variety of answers you may want:

We typically tackle an evaluation project like this in four phases. It can be a few weeks or a few months depending on the depth of the questions and the maturity of the answer required.

PoC Phases

Phase 1: Frame the Problem

Phase 2: Data modeling & confirmation

Phase 3: Data Loading & Trials

Phase 4: PoC wrap up

We’ve seen recommendations for and against graph: it’s good to know whether it’s right for your project. If you think an engagement like this would be useful to you, drop us a line.