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Expero utilizes OpenFin’s world class technology to deliver highly performant experiences with superior interoperability between desktop and web-apps.

New Finance Toolkit for Openfin - Modernize the Finance Desktop

Expero + OpenFin

  • Expero’s Finance Toolkit accelerates the integration of components into a fully automated finance workspace.

Expero’s Finance Toolkit accelerates the integration of components into a fully automated finance workspace.

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OpenDoor - Electronic Trading Platform for Off-the-Run Treasuries & TIPs

React UI + OpenFin

  • From concept to Platform in less than 6 months
  • Modern yet familiar user experience that is highly performant and speaks the language of traders
  • Multi-window, multi-screen desktop experience with detachable order books
  • Dense, trader-friendly screens with real time market ticks across hundreds of securities, delivered with real-time performance
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Front & Middle Office Modernization

Increase Revenue & Lower Risk with Modern UI & Tech Stack in 3-6 Months

  • We have extensive experience transforming legacy desktop applications into modern experiences that improve efficiency, increase revenue and decrease risk
  • Connecting siloed legacy systems provides increased visibility across all portfolios, positions and transactions
  • Intelligent Algorithms identify often overlooked anomalies, insightful trends and provide predictions
  • Design & develop high performance analytics, grids, and transactional user experiences with modern web technologies without abandoning proven back-end services
  • Build reactive experiences by utilizing real-time browser capabilities and streaming data upgrades in the back-end.
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Expero is proud to assist our clients as an OpenFin Certified Development Partner.

Featured Insights for Financial Services

The Art of Building Front End Applications for Capital Markets

The webinar will delve into key considerations when designing front-end applications for capital markets, including how to incorporate real-time data visualization and analysis. The role of user engagement in the design stage and during the vetting and implementation of designs will be explored, particularly in how it works with in-house teams, particularly engineering and back-end teams.

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Part Two: The Future of the Financial Desktop

The second webinar in a series on the future of the financial desktop. We will identify how to unlock new technology and show how ML techniques can be used with existing technology to drive productivity.We’ll draw from examples from the world of financial crimes, investment management, and capital markets to demonstrate how new development frameworks and techniques are enabling workflows to be reimagined in a more user centric joined-up way.

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Trending Topics in Finance

OpenFin & Expero present: Real World Platform & UX Design for the Modern Financial Desktop

Real World Platform & UX Design for the Modern Financial Desktop

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Fraud Prevention in Financial Services Using Google Cloud Bigtable & Janusgraph

Learn how Google Cloud Bigtable, Pub/Sub, and BigQuery with JanusGraph can help to identify risk and fraud patterns in order to quickly respond. Many new fraud rings use sophisticated measures for credit card and other methods of fraud. Utilizing Google Cloud Platform products and services with JanusGraph will allow you to see beyond individual data points and uncover difficult-to-detect patterns. Join us to learn how to maximize time and resources with Graph.

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Customer 360: Financial Services

  • Similarity / Influence
  • Multiple-lines Business
  • Sentiment
  • Recommendations
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