Digital transformation

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Modernizing the Full Stack

Modernizing a legacy software application can be a major quagmire. There are many moving parts and technologies from which to choose. Many firms focus on updating or migrating a particular aspect of an application, like the UI or migrating data. Our multi-disciplinary team can modernize your full stack and advise on the best environment for the new, modern version of your application.

  • Assess the full stack
  • Decrease integration cost
  • Modernization process strategy
  • Environment migration advising

Tackle important questions

Rest assured that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. These are some of the common questions we often answer:

  • What is the right balance of legacy vs. new technology solutions?
  • How do we integrate our legacy systems in a cost-effective way with newer technology?
  • At what juncture should we overhaul existing legacy systems?
  • What will legacy integration do to my overall costs for a project build?
  • What is a UI framework and which one should I use?

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Digital transformation

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