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Kinetica’s native vectorized architecture is a force multiplier that delivers huge performance improvements on smaller compute footprints that saves time and money.

Expero CoNNected Financial Crimes - Kinetica Edition

Learn more about our work and solution experiences in Financial Crimes and our partnership with Kinetica.

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Lower False Positives in Financial Crimes using LLM/ML and Spatial Analytics

Explore the impact of regulations, tech like Generative AI & ML on AML, cyber, trade surveillance & fraud prevention. Discover solutions for increased accuracy in Financial Crimes..

Lower False Positives in Financial Crimes using LLM/ML and Spacial Analytics

Watch this webinar highlighting why Financial Crimes investigators (AML, Credit Card, Trade Surveillance, and KYC teams) must use new technology to decrease false positives and increase alert-to-case accuracy and effectiveness.

Expero CoNNected Financial Crimes: Kinetica Edition

In this demo we will share our financial crimes field work examples and illustrate how complex data and analytics work together to reduce company’s financial crimes false positive detection.

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