Modernize the Finance Desktop

Finance is filled with outdated tools, Excel spreadsheets and manual processes, resulting in wasted time and lost returns. Expero’s Finance Workbench accelerates the path to a fully automated finance desktop.

Synthesize Your workspace faster

Condense holdings, integrated feeds, multiple sources of data, and more into a single model for review.

Address New Challenges

Organizations are freer than ever to choose best-of-breed components for each asset class and buy-side workflow. Expero’s Finance Workbench accelerates the integration of components into a fully automated finance workspace.

Avoid Re-implementation by using Shared Canvases

With increasing interoperability across a huge variety of applications, the ecosystem needs standard canvases for everyone to paint on, otherwise integration stalls out.

Accelerate projects with value-add canvases around multiple asset classes or aggregate displays.

View Shared Data in a Single Area

It’s hard to see all of your holdings or analyses in one place unless you’re in Excel, and even then it takes work. With Expero’s Finance Workbench, not only will you start with “batteries included” equities and IEX data, but you also have the ability to expand to integrate multiple feeds, proprietary data, and reporting across data feeds and time.

Use common data models for a growing list of asset classes and events to enable a single view across multiple applications. Ultimately enable low/no-code visualization (unlike developer-focused JavaScript libraries) and alerts.

Examine Crucial Market Analytics

Easily track the major market indices with “Market Indices Overview”

Quickly review today’s Most Active, Gainers, and Losers

Create watchlists for each asset class you follow and portfolios you manage

Search for tickers, review price history, compare to peers, and access composite averages

Review Valuable Insights and Compare Across Companies

Create comparison tables with user fundamental, technical, and market data for analysis

Review fundamentals from income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements

View and compare key stats across companies

Coming Soon

Holdings Grid

Showing holdings and trades involves a lot more than a “super grid”. A first-class capital markets grid needs to:

  • Support asset-class specific visualizations
  • Show holdings through time and allow comparisons across time periods
  • Filter and sort by arbitrary characteristics such as industry or credit rating
  • Automatically compute KPIs for subset(s) displayed such as P&L, average rating, etc. and manage connected visualizations such as charts or correlation grids.
  • Coordinate multiple holdings grids for comparisons across portfolios
  • Allow deep exploration of the connected data underneath the grid: tax lots, trades, accounts, swap legs, constituent securities.
Holdings grid dashboard image still.

The Bitemporal Book of Record

Sophisticated trading and transactional systems are powerful enablers, but it’s difficult to see a common position across all of them. The Expero Bitemporal Book of Record is an event-driven database system capable of subsecond updates and queries to enable a single view across multiple asset classes in order to power analytics, fund reporting, and strategic decisions. Expero provides a base multi-asset time series database schema, and customers extend it with their needed features.

Dataflow Engine for Analytics & Compliance

Security & portfolio analytics are stuck in a batch world with few real-time scenario analysis or recommendation tools. Compliance for increasingly complex and OTC instruments requires leaning on many niche systems, if available at all. The Dataflow engine integrates with a security master system and event feeds, enabling real-time analytics and compliance calculations to inform traders and portfolio managers. Expero provides the high performance engine, you provide the rules and data feeds. The resulting analytics can be used via API and datatable integrations, or viewed in the holdings grid as live updates.

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