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Expero’s Customer 360 software helps companies find deep connected customer patterns; provides improved accuracy for lead generation, campaigns, and sales; decreases customer churn; allows for increased predictive analytics; and gives real time recommendations and improved customer experiences.
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Key Use Cases

  • KYC - Customer 360
  • Next Best Conversation
  • Churn Avoidance
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Cross-Sell | Upsell
  • Prospect Targeting

Business Case

Featured Value Points

  • Decrease false positives
  • Increase marketing and sales accuracy
  • Visualize deep link patterns for cross-sell and upsell
  • Real time alerts
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Proactive intervention
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost

ML + Visualization Characteristics

  • Built-in analytics
  • Visualization - explainable ML/AI
  • No-code interaction
  • Pattern & community algorithms
  • Deep learning/Model interpretability

Functionality for Every User

Using the C360 Software, we can accelerate the steps it takes to detect customer churn and sales and marketing anomalies, and analyze deep links and relationships faster, and more accurately.

Key Users

  • ML & Data Analysts
  • IT & Operations
  • Product Managers
  • Campaign Analysts
  • Churn Avoidance Specialists
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Success & Sales Executives
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