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Acceleration with JanusGraph & Cloud Bigtable

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3 Minutes

Fraud: Detection & Avoidance in Banking

  • Transaction Segmentation
  • Clustering Algorithms
  • Transaction Time Series
  • Fraud Intervention
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9 Minutes

Customer 360: Financial Services

  • Similarity / Influence
  • Multiple-lines Business
  • Sentiment
  • Recommendations
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5 Minutes

Customer 360: Real Estate

  • Recommendation
  • Cross Sell / Up Sell
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Relevance
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September 26, 2018

Customer 360 in Financial Services

  • Banking 360
  • Churn Avoidance
  • Predictive Cross-Selling/Up-Selling
  • GCP - Google BigTable & Graph
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July 24, 2018

Janusgraph & Google: Accelerating IoT, Finserv, & Supply Chains

  • Google Next Conference
  • Janusgraph & BigTable
  • Supply Chain Visability
  • Anomaly Detection
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February 28, 2018

Graph & ML for Supply Chain

  • Graph & Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Examples
  • Demo: Rerouting
  • Visualations of Analysis
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February 14, 2018

Graph & ML for Customer 360

  • Graph 101 Banking
  • Banking 360
  • Intervene with ML & Graph
  • Predictive Similarity with ML & Graph
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February 7, 2018

Graph & Machine Learning for Fraud Detection

  • Graph 101 for Fraud Avoidance
  • Fraud Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Visualizations for Fraud Avoidance
  • Demo: Credit Card Banking

Developing a JanusGraph-backed Service on GCP

The graph database space is rapidly expanding as more and more companies identify potential use cases that require the traversal of highly connected data sets.


JanusGraph Nuts and Bolts Part 2: The New CQL Adapter

Speed up your JanusGraph queries with these tuning tips and the new CQL storage adapter.


JanusGraph Nuts and Bolts Part 1: Write Performance

Explore your tuning options for increasing JanusGraph write throughput and lowering latencies.


Building a Microservice Using Dropwizard and JanusGraph

I'll discuss the process of building a micro service that is backed by a graph database and the technologies leveraged to accomplish it.

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