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Quality analytics, algorithm development, and visualization capabilities

Tarleton State University works with cost-effective analytics for risk mitigation.

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TAI Tarleton Insurance Round Table


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Fraud Toolkit in Medical Healthcare Claims

  • Medical Healthcare Claims
  • Machine Learning, Graph Technology, and Time Series Structure
  • View Connections to Risky Communities
  • Tweak Graph and Machine Learning Algorithms to Flag Identified Patterns
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December 2, 2020

Improving Stakeholder Value by Mitigating Insurance Losses through Analytics & Machine Learning with Tarleton Analytics Institute

  • Why & How ML and Visualizations & Technology can create game changers
  • How ML and combinations of technology can aid Predictive Forecasting
  • Live Demos for Insurance investigation & prevention
  • Tarleton Analytics Institute's approach to ML & visualization technology

Pulsar, Musings from a DataStax and Confluent Partner

Blog #1 in a series that will highlight the aspects of Pulsar that make it an attractive prospect for your messaging and data streaming needs.


Astra First Impressions - Porting an Existing Application

Learn about Astra, the new DataStax DBaaS offering for Cassandra.


Customer Satisfaction Scoring Using GraphML

Find dissatisfied customer cohorts and evaluate intervention measures using graph machine learning.


Fraud Detection Using Deep Learning

How to detect both credit card fraud and money laundering using graph and machine learning.


Node Classification by Graph Convolutional Network

Leveraging the natural structure of data, graph convolutional networks produce optimal predictions of node properties.


To Catch a Thief… You Need Entity Resolution

FBI’s use of machine learning based entity resolution to catch criminals and fraudulent activity.


DSE Graph Partitioning Part 2: Taming your Supernodes

A supernode is a vertex with a large number of edges. In graph theory, these high-degree vertices are known as hubs.


DSE Graph Partitioning Part 1: Custom Vertex Ids

DataStax Enterprise 5.0 contains much more than a version bump of its component pieces. In particular, DSE 5.0 includes the new graph database, DSE Graph. DSE Graph is an Apache TinkerPop enabled distributed property graph database that uses Apache Cassandra for storage, DSE Search for full text and geospatial search, and DSE Analytics for analytical graph processing.

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