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The Complete Event Streaming Platform for Apache Kafka

Confluent's event streaming enables you to innovate and win - by being both real-time and highly-scalable while delivering new, real-time customer experiences.

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Expero - Confluent Overview

Expero - Confluent Oil & Gas

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3 Minutes

Customer 360: Healthcare

  • Next Best Conversation
  • Patient 360
  • Customer Journey
  • Claims Interaction
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3 Minutes

Fraud: Detection & Avoidance of Opioid Fraud

  • Fraud Segmentation
  • Care Plan Flagging
  • Relationship Graphing
  • Geographic & Time Series
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3 Minutes

Logistics: Provisioning & Route Optimization

  • Best Optimzation
  • Provisioning Planning
  • Recommendation
  • Shortest Path
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9 Minutes

Customer 360: Financial Services

  • Similarity / Influence
  • Multiple-lines Business
  • Sentiment
  • Recommendations
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3 Minutes

Customer 360: Retail

  • Cross Sell / Up Sell
  • Recommendation
  • Customer Relationship
  • Marketing Campaign
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December 15, 2020

Solving Supply Chain Use Cases With Confluent, ML & Visualization

  • Why Streaming, Visualizations, and ML & Graph can be game changers
  • How Confluent & ML aids predictive forecasting & active scenario analysis
  • How Confluent accelerates and changes the game with Supply chain and IoT
  • Hands-on with Confluent and ways to get started for a cohesive approach
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May 27, 2020

Healthcare Round Table with Graph and Kafka

  • Identify and intervene to reduce churn
  • Increase agility for health responses
  • Cut data access time & support costs
  • Streaming, Graph and ML Visualizations
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December 18, 2019

Enterprise Security System In Real-Time Using TigerGraph & Kafka Streams

  • Modeling Security Systems with Graph DB
  • Propagation in Real Time
  • Comprehensive Security Model
  • TigerGraph and Kafka
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August 21, 2019

Supply Chain Solutions using Kafka + ML

  • Real-time analytics
  • Optimize planning workflow
  • Apache Kafka + Confluent
  • Automation industry and Industrial IoT
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June 27, 2019

Customer 360 Using Graph + ML

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Growth & Loyalty
  • Churn & Sentiment
  • Analytics & Predictive
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February 28, 2018

Graph & ML for Supply Chain

  • Graph & Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Examples
  • Demo: Rerouting
  • Visualations of Analysis
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February 7, 2018

Graph & Machine Learning for Fraud Detection

  • Graph 101 for Fraud Avoidance
  • Fraud Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Visualizations for Fraud Avoidance
  • Demo: Credit Card Banking

Synchronizing RBAC to TigerGraph using Confluent/Kafka

Learn how Confluent and TigerGraph can help your organization model and use RBAC within a graph to speed up query times over typical relational database models.


Building Your Graph with Confluent Streams

Fault tolerant and durable data transmission plus system integration sourcing data for graph analysis.


Reinforcement Learning in Supply Chain Logistics: Bush Pilots at Scale

A sequel to “Bush Pilots in the Outback”, we explore using reinforcement learning to schedule thousands at scale.


Opioid Fraud Detection Using Deep Embedding

One of Expero’s fraud detection techniques applied to the false prescription of opioids in clinical settings.


Customer Satisfaction Scoring Using GraphML

Find dissatisfied customer cohorts and evaluate intervention measures using graph machine learning.

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