Visualized insights with a modern Customer 360 and risk solution for a healthcare company

Expero built a fast and modern analytics, risk and C360 solution that integrated with the client's existing technology stack

Customer Marketing

Use Case

A molecular diagnostics company specializing in cancer detection needed a solution that provided a comprehensive product view for patients, doctors and clinics as well as advanced analytics on churn analysis, potential upsell and marketing opportunities.

Customer Challenges

Multiple Challenges including:

  • UI and User Experience
  • Custom Software Development
  • Technology & Platform Integration
  • Graph database
  • Customer 360

Delivered Results

UI and User Experience - Created new and innovative designs and workflow patterns based upon the desired feature requests. These were curated and defined using an agile project with low and high fidelity work products. Successfully built a comprehensive application and customer experience for the overall suite of products including a new risk product.

Technology Assessment - The customer had a large and complex technology stack build over many years. Expero's teams assessed and created a unique, new, fast and performant analytics and risk dat capability. Expero architected the software stack to integrate into to the existing platform while providing new features for real-time analytics calculations.

Custom Software Development - Leveraging the new architecture, product designs, and features, Expero successfully implemented a turn-key development and product launch.

Graph Database and Expero's Customer 360 - The Expero Connected C360 platform was customized based on customer input. This effort included graph database analytics algorithms and supervised learning elements. The different types of analytics are combined in a semantic database layer that includes: TimeSeries, geographic analytics, supervised, unsupervised and traditional data science methods. Multiple 3rd party tools had to be connected and integrated for the complete solution. The Expero solution was installed, performance tuned, user tested and rolled out in production.

Expero Solution

We created, implemented and launched a Custom C360 and risk solutions with advanced analytics.

Customer Connections

Visualize Customer Territory

Territory Churn View

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