Unified siloed data across business units to improve fraud detection and case management.

Our team unified data across multiple data sources, designed and implemented a more modern real-time fraud detection system within extisting technology stack for AML and Commercial First person Fraud business units.

Build a Case to Identify Fraud

Use Case

A major U.S. banking institution engaged Expero to create two separate solutions for their teams - an Anti-Money Laundering solution and a Commercial first-party fraud solution.

Customer Challenges

Multiple Challenges including:

  • UI and User Experience
  • Custom Software Development
  • Technology & Platform Integraton

Delivered Results

UI and User Experience - The Expero team worked with business and IT teams — from investigation to data science teams, to gather and configure innovative UI visualizations and workflow patterns based upon how different levels of investigators would interact with complex case information. These were curated and defined using an agile project with low and high fidelity work products. The end result was a comprehensive application and customer experience for the overall detection, alert tracking and investigation and the hand off to US Government invesitgators and FinCen for prosecution.

Technology & Platform - The customer had a large and complex technology stack build over many years. The Expero team had to assess and create a unique new, fast and performant analytics and risk data capability. The newly architectured software stack integrated to the existing platform while providing new features for real-time analytics calculations

Expero Connected installation and Custom Development - The Expero Connected Financial crimes platform was installed and configured. This effort included multiple types of AI/ML and graph database analytics platforms. These different types of analytics are combined in a semantic database layer that includes: TimeSeries, geographic analytics, supervised, unsupervised and traditional data science methods. Multiple 3rd party tools had to be connected and integrated for the complete solution. The Expero solution was installed, performance tuned, user tested and rolled out in production.

Expero Solution

Expero created a fraud solution for two separate business units which enabled greater connectivity between units, increased insights and analytics to fight fraud faster and more accurately.

Visualize Fraudulent Activity

Visualize Risky Relationships

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