Steve Purves
Technical Lead

Steve describes himself as an engineer first and foremost. He is comfortable working full-stack, cross-platform in a range of languages and is happiest when there is some mathematical or scientific analysis sprinkled in. He graduated in electrical engineering specializing in signal and image processing, which he took into the scientific computing field in the Oil and Gas industry.

During that time his work was largely split into three: development of low-level number-crunching libraries (C, C++, CUDA) and the cross-platform desktop application with 3D visualization to drive it; applied research in signal processing, numerical analysis algorithm development for 3D seismic analysis, during which he was an IEEE journal geek; and finally management of R&D and Product development teams as CTO, championing practices like TDD, BDD and Agile to get it done.

Around 5 years ago, the excitement of daily binary builds wore thin and Steve got hooked on building applications for the web, starting out with web-desktop integration work for seismic analysis on the iPad. Since then activities have included working on full-stack web applications, with and without desktop integration, for startups in sectors such as Dental, TV Production and Software Micro-Consulting.

Today, he builds reactive web applications with Expero, which feeds his desire to learn and work on industrial-strength projects. Steve waits patiently, with ES6 JavaScript and Jupyter Notebooks at the ready, for the imminent explosion of scientific computing on the web.


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Expero Blog (2016-present; see below)

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